Mar 14, 2009


Just as I thought.... it was a circus! However, it was pouring rain outside and so all of the parents seemed to understand the lack of space and lack of organization. I had parents in my house that I didn't introduce myself to. I don't think I even spoke to them all. I feel rude, hopefully they all understood. I tried to wedge myself through all of the kids to get to the adults, but I know for sure I didn't.  

#2 looked beautiful and so did all of her friends!! I would love to be a fly on the wall at the dance!! No telling what goes on there. 

Here are some pictures:

getting ready.... look at all of that make-up 

look at the lump she still has on her ankle,
not sure how she is going to walk in those shoes...

yes, the oldest (#1)  is the shortest and she hates it 


These three went to preschool together and were in the same toddler class!!

The seniors of the group.

I love this picture!


Frau said...

Great pictures everyone looked so beautiful.Don't worry about the parents you didn't talk to they understand it was crazy.

Jane! said...

Hmm, 9 boys and 6 girls? My daughters would like those odds.
Everyone looks most FABulous!

Darla said...

Oh, my goodness! Everyone looked just beautiful! Your home is gorgeous! :-)

Joyce said...

Such lovely pictures. I wouldn't worry about not greeting all the parents. I've been to 'circuses' like this and I'm sure everyone understood the space issue. Most were probably just happy it was your house and not theirs!

My oldest is the shortest as well : )

Oh, loved your peeping Juan story too! Glad you had an escape route in place. Enjoy your day.