Apr 3, 2009


Thanks Frau!

One of my bbf  (blog best friends), Frau, passed this award on to me way too long ago and I am finally getting to it. I am suppose to be telling you seven things that I love.  I don't know why this is so hard for me to do. I think I over analyze these things. Maybe that word "Kreativ" scares me. Maybe I am just a Bitter Betty and don't really love seven things. I don't know....... 

 So I decided to ask my family to tell me some things that they know I love or make me happy. I promised to pass them on to you no matter what they were.  (yikes!!!! I am very afraid of what their answers will be.) 

From the man of the house:

#1 I love going out to eat. 
 (Yep, he is 1000% correct. I love good food, good wine, good conversation and no dishes.  Plus, I love being waited on.) 

#2 I love getting flowers. 
(????.... Well, I love flowers and seeing that he just sent me a giant arrangement for my birthday last week, I guess I should say "I Love Getting Flowers". Truth is, I love the thought and the effort that goes into the flowers that he sends. It is nice to know you were thought about whether it was a giant arrangement or a single rose.)

From Princess #2:

#3 I LUV seeing dogs with their heads hanging out of a car window.
(She knows me so well. I really do laugh every time I see a dog sticking out of a car. I make sure everyone in my car sees it too. Have you ever seen a doggie looking all sad and hanging out of a car? Nope, and that is just my point. That has to be the most freeing feeling and almost heaven like experience for a dog. Pure BLISS! Can you imagine what I use to look like with a 180 pound Saint Bernard hanging out of my car? Cleo's jawls use to flap in the wind so hard and slobber would be everywhere. Yucky BLISS!

#4 "Wake up with Taylor" on Cosmo Radio (Sirius Satellite Radio) 
(I do listen to it everyday if I am in my car when it is on. Taylor is a young girl living in New York City and living my fantasy life. She spends 4 hours a day talking about her shopping adventures, her parents, her preppy upbringing, her favorite restaurants, her dating life and so on. She makes me laugh. Gosh, to be 20 something again.....)

#5 I love looking at wedding photography and reading wedding blogs on the computer. 
(I do.  Ha Ha.)

From Princess #1
#6 I love cute shoes.
( Well yeah, I do. You can't count on having a good hair day. You can't count on feeling right in your clothes. But you sure can count on a cute pair of shoes!!)

From Princess #3
#7 I love funky earrings.
(jeans, shirt, funky earrings and cute shoes....I am ready to go out to eat!)

Honorable Mentions: the beach, Open Houses, frogs, good posture, a true southern gentlemen, grilled fish, thunder, walking outside at dusk, my house to be clean (so so true), Bible Study, crafts, scrapbooking, being outside, beach houses and nice candles


Frau said...

Love the list, thanks for doing it. I too am a fan of cute shoes, it has been torture living here Germany is not a place for shoe shopping. I feel like I'am in shoe rehab. But heading to AZ and I'm stocking up.Have a great weekend!

Joyce said...

I can relate completely to cute shoes and eating out : )

Have a great weekend!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Fun that you let your family answer. I would be curious to know how my family answered.... Great idea to have the Honorable Mentions....I can never just list seven things!!

have a great weekend. We are suppose to have some beautiful NC weather!!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Loved your list. Sorry, I am behind on my blog reading and missed your birthday. I hope you had an amazing day after not getting much sleep. I can totally relate, because my husband snores like a bear. I agree with an earlier comment you had on your blog from someone... separate bedrooms might not be so bad after all. LOL! Enjoy this beautiful weather today. Love & blessings from NC!

Somer Love said...

Wake up with Taylor???? How do I get a wake up with Somer??? I would love that job!!!!!!