Apr 24, 2009


I am busy packing this morning. We are headed to beautiful Charleston, SC for the weekend.  The bad news is that I will be spending my time on the sideline of a soccer field. #3 has a tournament, and will be playing 4 games. The good news is that we are staying near the beach, in a really cute little area near downtown Charleston and the weather is going to BEAUTIFUL. I am hoping to get to at least walk on the beach and have just one good meal at one of the great restaurants there. Usually we do everything as a team and have dinner catered into the hotel we are staying. Eating Olive Garden lasagna in Charleston doesn't really go together if you ask me. 

I hate riding in the car. This is a 4+ hour drive for us and I just get so antsy. I feel like I should be doing something. I got a new DVD recorder for my birthday. One that is compatible with my Apple. So I am planning to read the manual (dictionary size) for it. The Man of the House always has to have all of the bells and whistles and I am the one that gets stuck having to learn how to use the things he buys. :)

#3 is excited because she gets to get out of school early. #1 is coming home from Chapel Hill to go with us. #2 is staying here. There are several things going on at school tonight that she doesn't want to miss. The boys lacrosse team is undefeated and is playing a rival team tonight and the baseball team is playing at home for the last time. At first we were not going to let her stay home because we felt it was really important for the family to go to #3's tournament. She is going to be a only-lonely child in just a few short months when both of her sisters go off to college. We are trying to some special things for her.  But #2 was really bummed about missing some things during her last month of school. I felt bad about that. 

Prom is next weekend and all of the girls, I am sure, are going to have to get together this weekend to discuss all of the plans. We couldn't have #2 missing out on that!!! She is going with the cutest boy. He ask her in a really great way. She works at a restaurant as a hostess and Monday when she got to work, look what was hanging in the restaurant......

How Cute Was That?


Jane! said...

Awww. That IS cute? It's prom season here, too, but this time I missed documenting the 'ask'.
I think it is very cool that your soccer tourny is near the ocean. The only things close to our tournaments were, like, nothing.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Small world, my married daughter is in Charleston this weekend with friends. They are going to the beach on Saturday to take in some rays. Have fun, even if you are at the tournament. Love & blessings from NC!