Apr 29, 2009


In just one week #1 will be coming home from her first year of college. It has been a short year. It was so hard to pack the cars up last August and move her into her dorm room, but somehow we all adjusted and lived through it. She has done so well her first year of school, her grades are excellent and she has had a lot of fun. 

She is a student at UNC Chapel Hill. It is a hard school to get into. I can name more people that haven't been accepted there, than those that have. It is the first choice for so many students around here, but they most often have to go to Plan B. So in January of 08, when #1 got her acceptance letter (email), there was no doubt where she was going to go to school. As parents, we were so proud. She really worked hard during high school. She received many awards her senior year and was recognized many times. The one that I was most proud of was her being named one of the "Outstanding Seniors" of her class. Her high school is one of the largest schools in the state of NC, so to be chosen by the administration of the school to be one of fifteen to receive this honor was a big deal. 

Here are some pictures of the journey this past year....

clicking "send"
the application is on its way

Dorm Room

Bid day

the new pledges

She was so excited about Rush Week and about becoming a part of the greek community. UNC has some of the most picture perfect sorority houses, just like the movies. They all are the big southern white houses with columns and big front porches. #1's house is so pretty inside. She doesn't live in the house this year, but she eats six meals there a week and is there for meetings. They are spoiled........ very spoiled. They have great meals there. #1 is always calling home to let us know just what Chef Mark has cooked for them that night. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this?

#1 called me the other day, she needed me. Her pledge class was in charge of hosting a dinner party for the seniors and #1 was one of the girls in charge of decorating. The theme was "Sex and the City". She needed me to come help decorate and set things up. The center pieces for the tables were a combination of  different things. They painted shoe boxes a glossy  black, stacked them up and and tied them in a big pink bows. The other tables had glossy black shopping bags stuffed with pink and silver tissue paper. They decorated the outside of the bags with designer's names and labels. Tables were finished off with rhinestones, mini martini glasses, long strands of pearls and hot pink confetti. The floor of the house was covered with black, silver and hot pink balloons. They also wrapped the columns in the house with white lights. It was cute. They did a great job and I loved being able to help out. I am so glad UNC is just 30 minutes away. 


Joyce said...

It does go fast doesn't it? How fun for you to be so close.

My girls (one a Junior, one a freshman) are both ADPi's at Furman. They don't have houses but they are spoiled : )

Love Being a Nonny said...

Time does fly doesn't it? I remember those days of moving them in and decorating the dorm rooms. It was fun!! And then the first apartments came. That was fun too. Then marriage, and now babies. You have so much to look forward to. And believe it or not, it will be here before you know it. Enjoy the moments.

Preppy 101 said...

I bet it's hard to believe that the first year is finished. It is so amazing how fast the time goes before our children are out on their own!! xoox

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

My daughter is a Kappa Delta and she has loved every minute of it and met some wonderful girls!!! Just like your daughter, it just seems like yesterday that we were moving her to college and now she is finishing up her sophomore year. Thanks for sharing your daughter's story and pictures with us. She is a beautiful young lady!
Love & blessings from NC!