Apr 22, 2009


I am a bad blogger.
 I fell off the blogger wagon. 
How did I let this happen?

got in the way.
So exactly what have I been doing?

Spring Break
I have not decided if it is a good or bad thing, 
but #2's and #3's Spring Breaks were not the same week this year.
I had one at home the week before Easter and one home the week after. 
So I spent a lot of time spending time with my girls and just enjoyed their company.

UNC Basketball = National Champions
It was a cool thing for #1 to experience this her first year on campus. 
Can you imagine how exciting it was to be on that campus that day and night?
#1 invited #2 to visit and go with her to the different things they had going on that afternoon.
#2 took a good friend with her and they had a ball. All of the fraternities had bands playing
and big screen TVs. (Any excuse to throw a party!!) After the Tar Heels won, the town's main street was a madhouse. The bon fires became a serious problem because it has become a tradition to celebrate by jumping over them. The campus and the town of Chapel Hill are trying to come up with ways to deal with this. Luckily my girls stayed away from this area. One funny thing: #1 saw the police and firemen greasing all of the light poles on campus and on Franklin Street (before the game) so that no one would be able to climb them. She said after the game, it was the funniest thing to see people trying to climb up the poles and slide back down. They never could figure out what the problem was.

The Easter Bunny came and left my babies some goodies!
Gone are the days of Peeps and jelly beans. 
Their baskets now have DVDs, earrings, make-up and other things girls love. 
I am ordering one next year!!!
We, went to my parent's house for dinner. They live just over an hour away. 
And I should have known, the Easter Bunny left them baskets there too!!!!


Yep, I was bitten!
I have watched my kids read and reread these books forward and backwards, nonstop for two years.
I was reading a book that I was having trouble getting into and so I picked up 
Twilight just to see...... and that darn vampire was so addicting. 
So for the past few weeks I have been reading instead of blogging. 
Sometimes the characters in the books get a little annoying. You can definitely
tell the author was writing a story aimed towards teens, but they really pull you in.

After complaining to my kids about all of the time they spend on Facebook,
I fell into that trap too. I heard some of my friends from high school had made pages,
so I started one. Gosh, people I haven't heard from in 20 years are all of sudden
coming out of the woodwork! (Some of them should have stayed!!!!!) But how much fun is
it to turn on the computer and see someone you went to school with sending you a message?
At first, people from all areas of my life were becoming my "friend"...neighbors, Bible Study girls, high school friends, mom's of my daughters' friends, family members. That is one of my biggest complaints I have about Facebook and young people. I am not so sure that all of this merging of our lives is such a healthy thing. I have seen too much drama happen over teenagers lives being such an open book. So, I have decided to use Facebook just a way to connect with my old school friends and not have my neighbors and family members reading all about it.  

Mr. Bubbles: AKA Trouble

He is gonna get himself into some trouble one day. 
I know we are going to come home one day and find him with his head stuck in something.
#2 got some flowers from a special someone and 
Mr. Bubbles would not leave them alone. 
At night, when we are in bed we can hear him in the kitchen pushing things around. If someone has left a glass on the counter he knocks it over. We  had a Beta Fish that lived on the kitchen counter in a vase( like the one above). Bubbles would drink as much water as he could reach and then just sit with his head in the vase staring down at Rainbow Fish. 

Rainbow Fish was never eaten for dinner, but I am positive he died from stress!!

 It is good to be back!


Preppy 101 said...

Great post!! What fun to be going to Chapel Hill!! So you will have one at Chapel Hill and one at NC State???Right?? Wow!! Is #1 in a sorority?

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Have missed hearing from you, but know that life can get really busy. Glad you are back!! My computer has been in the shop this whole week, so I have not been on either. Love & blessings from NC!