Mar 25, 2010


Since Monday:

Charlie had surgery on his broken leg. They shaved above his hip and the entire back leg except for his foot and now he looks even more pitiful. I picked him up from the vet yesterday. He is under strict crate arrest and he does not like it. He is supposed to rest and remain still for the next FOUR weeks. He protests his crate sentence so hard the crate actually starts rocking. Last night, I thought he was going to turn it over. I don't believe this is what "strict crate rest" meant. On top of that, he has to wear one of those "cones of shame". It keeps getting caught on the sides of his crate and he gets stuck. He has given me some of the dirtiest and most pitiful looks since he has been home. He does get to walk and go outside on a short leash so that I can control him and keep him from running or jumping, but he isn't too happy about this either. Lola (aka Mightmouse) is so excited he is back and outside with her she runs figure eights around him nonstop. It is irritating both me and Charlie to no end. The man of the house left to go out of town yesterday morning but will be back tonight. It will be much easier with the two of us here.

Thank goodness for the light sedative I can give him every six hours!
It does wonders for us all!

I took #3 to the doctor because she was having trouble catching her breathe during soccer games. She has been playing soccer since she was five and plays in a position that runs the length of the entire field all during the game. She rarely comes out of the game and her games are over an hour long. So she is not out of shape. After all of these years, all of sudden, she has sports induced asthma. They prescribed an inhaler to use before games and practices. So now that is one more thing to remember everynight when she is packing up her "suitcases" for school.

My birthday was on Tuesday. The man of the house and I went to #3's soccer game and then from there the three of us went to eat at Bonefish Grill. I love their food. The older girls are coming home one day this weekend and then we will do something with the whole family. A big box was delivered by Fed X and it is sitting on the hearth in the den. I get to open that up then too. The man of the house also gave me a pair of Tory Burch flats that I have wanted for a while.

I love them, but the elastic on the back is a little intense and it pushes/smashes your toes against the front. I let #3 wear them to school to stretch them out for me! HA! She wears a half size larger shoe than I do and her foot is also wider. Worked great! She softened them up and stretched them perfectly! She didn't mind that they were too small for her either!

#1 found out that her BF (of three years) can't go to her sorority's formal Friday night. He plays rugby and his team is in the playoffs. They have a game in Tennessee on Saturday that he just told her about it. I am not sure how long he has known though, but what I do know is that she was so upset. Formals are big, it is like the prom. There are dresses, hair and nail appointments, shoes to buy and tuxes to rent. She had been talking about and looking forward to this for a long time. I felt so bad for her when she called and told me. She didn't think she would be able to find anyone else to go with her at such late notice, but after the word got around the sorority house, someone found her a date. It is a friend of another one of the guys that is going. I know that it is going to be a little weird for her to go with someone she doesn't even know, especially after dating someone for so many years, but I am just happy she is going. She loves dancing, so as long as he doesn't have to left feet she will have fun. She is in college and these are things that she will remember the most when she is older. I would hate for her to look back and remember watching everyone else getting ready and feeling so left out. As far as I know, the BF encouraged her to go.... so good for him.

Not too much going on today. I guess I will hang around the house and be Charlie's nurse. Sometimes it is nice to have something that keeps you home for a few days.


Joyce said...

My youngest and her bf 'broke up' just before Spring Break. He had only been in the picture since before Christmas. She had already invited him to her formal which was the week after break so there was some scrambling. And more than a few tears. Anyway, she went with one of her best guy friends and they had so much fun.

So last night she calls and mentions the 'old' bf...they were hanging out. He would like to meet me. He wonders what she has said to me about him and even more than that wonders what the older sister has said. I told her I def. want to meet him. Tell him I said so : )

Anyway, can't quite get a handle on their status. I am looking forward to seeing her face to face next week!

Will your girls be home for Easter? They can help keep the dog occupied? It sounds exhausting. I might be tempted to pop a sedative myself : )

Hope he heals quickly. He's still awfully cute!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I hate that for #1...those formals are so important! I hope she has a good time anyway!

I ran in a 5K a few years ago and had asthma that was exercise induced. Never had any trouble before or since. It was very cold that day and I always wondered if that's what did it? Who knows, but maybe #3 won't struggle with it much longer!

Are you going to post about what you wore last weekend to the social?

Frau said...

Lisa happy belated birthday! I love your TB shoes I want them. I hope Charlie gives in and mellows to heal it's tough pups don't get it. Have a wonderful celebration with your family.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Hey Lisa, I have those same Tory Burch shoes. To break our shoes in, my daughters and I wore our shoes around the house with thick socks on. Worked like a charm. Sorry about #1 and her sorority dance. And I hope the dog heals quickly without a lot of problems. I know it has really been hard on you, but hopefully you will get some help over Easter from your daughters. Hang in there. Love & blessings from NC!

linda said...

First off, Happy Birthday Lisa! Glad to hear you had a nice dinner and that the girls will be able to celebrate with you this weekend. I know you'll have a great time with the family.

My kids were swimmers and junior year my daughter developed sports induced Asthma. She had to do the inhaler bit too. As far as I know, she's grown out of it now (although she's not as active as she was then so who knows).

Cute cute shoes!

So glad daughter #1 is getting to go to the formal afterall. I agree, those events are important. So glad that the boyfriend didn't persuade her to stay home. Unfortunately, some guys would have.

Darla DiStefano said...

Happy birthday to you! Can't wait to hear what is in the box!