Mar 2, 2010


I knew the puppies were going to keep us busy, but I did underestimate the amount of time
it would require. I am not really liking walking them out into the wooded area behind our house every thirty minutes. Especially this afternoon, we are expecting a cold heavy rain, maybe snow showers too. I might have to go buy them raincoats and booties. That sounds better than cleaning their feet and drying them off everytime we come in. They are doing very well with their training. We are keeping them on a strict food/water/potty routine and that really helps them and us know when to take them out and helps with the organization of the day. They already know as soon as we say "let's go potty", they head straight to the door. When they are finished, we tell them "inside" and they scoot up the stairs and sit by the door. We were told the were very smart dogs and would be easy to train, so far so good.

They are sleeping in crates in our kitchen. The first two nights they whined the first thirty minutes and then slept the rest of the night until 6AM. Last night they didn't whine at all!
They went straight into their crates and went to sleep.
Thank goodness.

We have named them.......

Charlie and Lola.
The names just fit them.

They could have been named, "Clown 1" and "Clown 2".
They are quite goofy.

Mr. Bubbles is keeping his distant. Each day he is coming closer and closer.
Charlie is the only one that has noticed him and has tried to get closer.
Mr. Bubbles isn't ready for that and we are letting him do it all on his time and keeping his spaces dog free.

He wants me to take the sign down!

Sweet little Charlie already knows, "sit", "down" and "over".
He is a chow hound and he knows a little treat is involved in learning tricks,
so he is a good student.

They went to the vet yesterday for shots and a check up.
We took them during their regular "nap time" and it was so funny because they could barely
keep their eyes opened and would just flop over when you picked them up.

So it is going to be another busy day here in Doodlesville.
#3 is home on Winter Break so it is nice to have some help
and hopefully we will get out of the house to do some girl things!

I think we are going to get our nails clipped ..... I mean get pedicures!


Joyce said...

Oh they're so the names. They fit. It almost makes me want a puppy. I know if we get another dog up here it will have to be in the warm weather....I cannot imagine taking a puppy out in all this snow.

Have fun!

Frau said...

Holy cow they are the cutest pups ever. We got Sophie in January and it was a pain training in the snow but you do what you have to do. Ah! I love them. Have fun with your girls.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

The puppies are precious and I love their names. So cute!! Good luck getting them trained. Hopefully the weather will be warming up and you won't have that much trouble with them. Love & blessings from NC!

Rickrack and Pompoms said...

Those are precious puppies, what fun for you all. Keep posting the pictures they are a treat to see.

徐老師 said...