Mar 9, 2010


Hang on..... this post is going to be all over the place!!! I have a lot of catching up to do!!

I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by since I last posted. I have attempted to sit down almost everyday, but I do not get to sit down too long before I have to retrieve something from the mouth of a puppy. The puppies have adjusted to home life rather well. They seem 1000% comfortable and right at home pulling things off tables and shelves and destroying cat toys (which I have discovered are filled with sawdust). I know I am in trouble when the house is quiet.

My status on my Facebook page says, "I don't know if my house looks more like a kennel or a girl's soccer locker room." That could not be any truer.

#3 tried out for the middle school soccer team last week and made it. She is still on her travel club soccer team. Both are in full swing right now. She has two practices back to back most school says. She has one game at school during the week and then we have all of the games and traveling to look forward to on the weekends. I have soccer laundry stacked up all over the laundry room and the overflow ends up on my bed. ( Note to self: Never ever own another house whose laundry room is situated directly beside the master bedroom. It sounded so convenient before we built our house, but I am so tired of my bedroom not looking like the "retreat" it is supposed to be. It is usually the folding room and most days I have stacks of laundry on my bed and floor. )

#3 leaves for school at 7:10 in the morning and doesn't get home until 8:15 at night. She is one tired puppy girl right now. I leave to go pick her up from her school practice at 4:30 and depending on where her club practice is, we head straight to the carpool meeting spot and sit and do homework. Before she tried out I made sure she was fully aware of what her schedule would be and just how tiring it was going to be. So she knew what she was getting into. #1 and #2 had schedules similar to this while they were playing soccer and cheering in high school (and all over the south) so it is not new to me or our family. At night, I am going to have to sit beside her during homework time everynight to keep her on task and keep her organized and we take advantage of every minute we can for studying. I call out review questions almost everywhere we go.

My kitchen has two crates in it plus a small pen. For someone who cannot stand clutter, this might just be the thing that sends me over the edge.

Bubbles loves the crate idea!

When I am doing other things (like soccer laundry) I put Charlie and Lola in the playpen with toys and their beds so that I know where they are. I tried keeping them with me and getting things done around the house, but that didn't work.

Charlie looking for some kind of trouble to get into...

while innocent Lola is taking a rest!

Until they are completely housebroken, I won't let them wander freely. Right now we are taking them outside every 30 minutes (regardless) when we are home and they stay in their crates when I have to leave. They go to bed around 11:00 (crated) and then get up around 6:00. They only whimpered the first night, thank goodness. We won't let them sleep at night until bedtime so now I think by the time we actually crate them they are so looking forward to some sleep they don't even care where they are. HA!

So far everything is working out and they are good puppies. It has just added a tons of work to our house, but that is okay. I know they will settle down when they are older. They are picking up on the "potty outside" routine and I can't wait for the day that I can trust them in the house.

The Man of the House and I are planning a little trip to Napa. We just decided that we wanted to get away. We have had a horrible six months, both loosing our mothers and we just wanted to go and do a little something for ourselves. We are planning on going at the end of March. We are planning our itinerary now, so if you have ever been and have any suggestions please email me. We are going to be there four nights and there are about eight restaurants we want to go to, so we are having trouble with that decision too.

There are a couple of other things that I wanted to mentioned but I will do it in more depth later. Yesterday, it was one month since my mother passed away. The " sick mom" is fading from my memory and my "real mom" is what I am starting to picture when I think of her. It is becoming harder for me now because of that. I wasn't emotional before because I was so thankful that my "sick mom" was no longer suffering, but now I am just missing her and being reminded of her in my everyday life and routine. My heart is a little heavier since my focus on her is changing. I knew this would happen.

Also, yesterday was #2's birthday. It was a little bit of a let down for her. It is her first year in college and think the vision of what it would be was a little different than how it turned out. I went and took her to lunch (along with #1), and took her flowers so I am glad that she at least got to do that. She had sorority meetings last night until 8:30 (or maybe it was later) so she couldn't come home for dinner and presents. Everyone was a little busy with their own schedule and she spent a lot of the day alone, which I know was a let down. That is a hard thing to do when you are 19. It is not about presents from people, you know it is the little things that make you feel good. I don't think she had too high of expectations in a spoiled way, she has done things for others many times. It was just sad to be the mom at home hearing that she was a little sad on her day. All I want for her and my other girls is to be surrounded by people that love them, protect them and support them.

I am headed to spin class and already running late, so I hope there are not a ton of mistakes
in what I have written. (It wouldn't be the first time!!) I will have to come back a clean it up while I am recovering form the torture I am getting ready to go through!


southerninspiration said...

I am tired just reading your post, girl, but those babies are adorable! Hope you get to go on a getaway!!You need it!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh, do I remember the days when I *met myself coming back*. I am reminded of how tired THEY were and how tired I was too! Such a great thing to be involved in though. You are such a good mom to help her with her school work while all of that is going on! It will pay off in the end!

I know you are so sad about your mom. Even though it is tough, I am glad you have those sweet memories of good times with your mom. She is proud of you!

I was especially sad when I read the post about your daughter's birthday. That's a HARD lesson to learn at 19, but a reminder to never stop making people feel special. I'm sure it had nothing to do with HER, and how special she is. Most kids that age are so self absorbed, they don't think of others like they should. There is really not much YOU can do. A sad lesson.

MCW said...

Wow. You are staying busy...I am glad the puppies are doing well.
How much easier is it to have just one girl to run away then 3????
Sorry #2's birthday. I tended to be the girl that remembered and my friends would always forget...I really don't have any advice!

Carrie B said...

Oooh, I just knew those puppies were keepin' you busy!

I was so worried my daughter's first birthday at school would be a bummer, I sent a whole party in a box to her and her suite mates did not dissapoint. And this year, one of her suite mates asked me if I was sending one! So, of course I sent one again. No BF to "control" though so. . .

I have been known to call Son #1 to remind him that the GF's birthday is coming and he should be thinking about it. I do the same on Valentines day too. Now that I think about it, I'm just controling, I guess. Ha. I just want him to be considerate and get in the habit of doing special/sweet things because I know how I like his Dad to do things like that for me. Like I said, controlling. My Hubby has been known to say I'm a good boyfriend. Ha Oh well. We've got to teach them EVERYTHING!

It is hard to watch them go through that though. Maybe they have a little surprise coming up for her?

Good for you to take a special trip, It can be so regenerizing.

Joyce said...

I'm thinking I'm not yet ready for another dog in the house : ) They are like infants in that we forget how much work they are at first!

So sorry about the birthday..that's a tough one! Well, next year you'll know and can plan accordingly.

A trip will be wonderful and a change of scenery is always good this time of year, doubly so with all you have had happen in recent months. We are thinking of Napa in Sept. so let me know what you love and where to eat. : )

Enjoy the soccer you know you'll blink and it will be a memory.

Frau said...

I'm sorry your heart is so heavy but happy the memories of your mom are the healthy ones. ((Hugs))
Congrats to #3! Happy birthday to #2 I know how she feels some times you just want the important people to remember and won't it to be a little like before. Puppies are doing good they are so cute! Napa sounds wonderful exactly what you both need and deserve it's been a tough ride. I have never been but hope to go soon. Have a wonderful trip.

Rickrack and Pompoms said...

Sounds like you are crazy busy... You are very smart to plan to get away for a bit. I wish that 19 was an easier age, it is a little harder than people realize. God Bless her. Take care of yourself while you are running around and go you for ding a spinning class!! i am impressed

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Sounds like your life is busy in more ways than one. The dogs are precious, but I know you have your hands full. A getaway with your husband is certainly in order. I have never been to California, so I am of no help there. So sorry that your daughter did not feel celebrated on her special day. That is sad, but hopefully she will feel better about it. I know it has been hard losing your Mom. I continue to have you in my thoughts and prayers. One of my dear friends lost her Mom last night. Hope you have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!

Leelee said...

I can so relate to this two biggest fears...leaving a kid standing on the curb or meeting myself in the road...I am truly a "stay in the car" season for me is the same...3 of my kids playing, one on two laundry room has been taken over by the soccer laundry beast...I can beat it back, but never kill it...if only we could corral all those socks after practice and drop them in the mountains of Pakistan or wherever...Bin Laden would come running out of his hiding place and's that potent a smell...nothing beats soccer socks...

My oldest spent her 19th bday working at a Young LIfe camp in Colorado and it was so HARD to hear that her birthday went by without the usual "fanfare" thing, our kids will be sensitive to others on their special day...

Love knowing there are other's traveling the same road in life and that we are passing ourselves as well as each other!