Mar 12, 2010


#2 turned 19 on Monday.
She was born on 3-08 at 3:08.
We haven't had our family celebration for her yet, we are having that tonight.
We are going out to eat and then coming home to open presents.

Here are 19 pictures/fun things about #2.

She LOVES to sleep late.

She is very flexible and graceful.

She used to be a itty bitty thing,
but now she is taller than everyone in our family except for her dad.

She is artistic.
She is in the design school at NC State and majoring in Graphic Design.

(school project)

a portfolio piece


When she was in high school, she had an annual cookie exchange and photo session at our house for all of her friends.

She looks good in animal print.

She's been up to her neck in sand.

She ate dinner at a table next to Mike Ditka.

Her cheerleading team won a National Championship (and the coveted jacket) at
Cheersport in Atlanta
and then went on to place third at Worlds.

and lots of it!!

She went to Mexico twice with her youth group and learned how to mix and pour cement.

This is the day she turned 12.

Blue eyes by the Black Eyed Susans

The BIG 1 - 4 !

Hating her braces on her 15th birthday!

Sweet 16!

She turned 17 in Puerto Rico.

Sweet 18!

She loves her puppies!!!


Joyce said...

Aw, sweet post...beautiful girl! I hope her birthday weekend celebration is loads of fun and makes up for the so-so school day birthday.

That graduation photo is a great family picture!

Preppy 101 said...

Great Post! She is beautiful! xoxo

MCW said...

Happy birthday to #2!

Carrie B said...

And so cute too! I hope it's a great Birthday weekend for her.

Darla DiStefano said...

Love this post! She is a beautiful girl! Happy birthday to #2!

Basement Bags Girl said...

Hope #2 had a very Happy #19!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Looks good in animal prints? Good grief, that girl would look good in anything!!! She is stunningly beautiful! Happy birthday to your #2!

linda said...

What a cute post and a gorgeous girl! Happy Birthday daughter #2!