Mar 18, 2010


It has been three weeks since

Charlie and Lola

joined our family.

They have adjusted nicely and are working hard at getting the potty thing
figured out.
We are exhausted and are just trying to stay one step ahead of them.

They are no longer quiet, sweet and innocent puppies,
they are just the opposite.
They are constantly on the move and into everything.

Lola did sit still long enough for me
to get a few clear pictures of her this week,
but Charlie hasn't been as cooperative.

They play hard and then sleep like hamsters.



Love Being a Nonny said...

There's nothing like a puppy (or two) to heal and comfort a broken heart. They are precious. I can tell you are in love already!

Joyce said...

Oh I love that first pose of Lola...what a face!

Jolyn said...

How cute and they are just growing so fast. I so love dogs and puppy's are so sweetand (rottan) lol. Once they are house broken it is a world of difference. Have fun and enjoy.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

How precious!! Your new puppies are so sweet, but I know they have been a lot of work. They are God's way of helping to heal your broken heart. I enjoy reading about them and seeing their pictures to see how they are growing. Love & blessings from NC!