Mar 30, 2010


The older girls came home from school for my birthday on Saturday . We went to our family favorite sushi restaurant, Mura. We are getting pretty predictable when it comes to that being where everyone wants to go for their birthday. We just love it! Afterwards, we went home. #1 brought home cupcakes from Sugarland Bakery, a well know cupcake bakery in Chapel Hill.

They were delicious. There were six different flavors, so we all took a bite of a cupcake and passed them around because everyone wanted a taste of them all. I think my favorite was the cafe con leche. I think we have established another new family favorite and tradition.

I had a couple of gifts to open..... the girls went shopping again! I now have a new purse for the summer, a big round watch and a spa gift certificate that I can't wait to use. (I went and had a facial a couple of weeks ago and walked out looking like I was a teenager. I will explain one day soon.)

Afterwards we watched The Blind Side. None of us went to the theater to see it when it was there and we were really looking forward to it. I really enjoyed it and thought it was one of the better movies that I had seen in a long time.

Since it was my 46th (UGGG) birthday, I thought I would try to come up with 46 things about myself I have never mentioned..... or at least try to come up with 46 things I don't think I have mentioned that often.
  1. I love to read but it takes me forever to read a book because I fall asleep whenever I do. I usually get three or four pages in before I my eyes get heavy.
  2. I was Miss Trooper Bowl/Miss Pop Warner way back when.
  3. I was a cheerleader for ten years
  4. I am pretty sure I am addicted to chewing gum and I am trying to break the habit.
  5. I am a posture snob - hate bad posture on anybody and am very irritated by it and do not understand why someone wouldn't work to improve it.
  6. I went on a cruise on my honeymoon...... the man of the house went with me.
  7. I will spend all day building a sandcastle.... it is therapy.
  8. The first concert I ever went to see was Loverboy.
  9. The best concert I ever went to was either Kenny Chesney or the Black Eyed Peas.
  10. I do not have a favorite color, but I do not like yellow.
  11. My favorite "flavor/taste" is vinegar.
  12. My favorite flowers are zinnias. They are complex and simple at the same time.
  13. Once while I was teaching, I had to take my turn at driving a school bus and I was so afraid, I cried the whole time.
  14. Snakes give me the willies.
  15. One of my good friends in middle school died when he fell off a cliff.
  16. I have a torn rotator cuff.
  17. My mom was my best friend and I am feeling a little friendless right now.
  18. I loved Princess Diana. I still love reading about her.
  19. My favorite song is Boston's More Than a Feeling. I have no idea why.
  20. I like and listen to all kinds of music except twangy stuff.
  21. I like football.
  22. I was on the homecoming court every year in high school.....
  23. I was the prom queen my senior year.
  24. I try to not pay full price for things......
  25. except at the grocery store, I do not look for sales or use coupons.....
  26. and except for shoes..... gonna buy them if I like them.
  27. I have a very hard time remembering names.
  28. There is a beach house in my future.
  29. I have a keen sense of smell and
  30. I won't fry things in my house because I smell it for days. (Who fries things these days anyways? On Christmas morning the man of the house cooks sausage and biscuits and he uses a fry pan outside or in the garage.)
  31. I love to play practical jokes on my family.
  32. I once rode in the co pilot seat of my uncles tiny plane. I looked out of the window (while we were in the air) and saw that the wing was ducted taped. When I asked my uncle about it he just casually replied that he thought we'd be okay and it was on his "to do" list. I also rode in his plane that Howard Hughes once owned fully equipped and loaded. I preferred the one with the leather seats.
  33. I can still do the splits.
  34. I dated the same boy all through high school and for two years in college. I wish I could have some of those years back. I feel like I missed out on a lot.
  35. My favorite time of day is dusk during the summer. I love to sit and just listen.
  36. We are in church limbo right now.
  37. I stop to rescue turtles in the road.
  38. I wish I had a craft room. I'd have a project going on continuously if I didn't have to pull things out and put things away all of the time.
  39. I do not leave the house without make up on. I even put a little powder, concealer and blush on when I work in the yard and go to the gym.
  40. If I didn't have plantar fasciitis , heel spurs and arthritis in one of my toes, I would probably wear heals most days just because I could.
  41. I love learning about other cultures.
  42. I drive a SUV.
  43. I love thunder storms.
  44. Pickles were my favorite snack when I was little. I still love them and would eat them all of the time if I wasn't so paranoid about the garlic smell.
  45. I do not like to wear dresses. I feel awkward in them.
  46. I love yoga.

Okay, now that I have totally ruined my image, I will go. I have shoes to buy, gum to chew and names to remember!


rachel... said...

Happy birthday, Lisa! I could comment on every one of your 46 things, but you'd be 47 by the time you were done reading!

Your daughters are absolutely beautiful!

MCW said...

Happy Birthday!
So glad that your hubby went on your honeymoon with you :)
Very jealous of the beach house in your future!
I never leave the house without make-up either! Even if I am going to do laundry in the basement of my building!

Tee said...

What a great list, and you totally did NOT ruin your image. Happy Birthday to you!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with your girls. Those cupcakes look delicious! Your list was great! I'm the same way about books. I love to read, but can't stay awake very long when I try to read. I have always loved Princess Di too. I got up in the middle of the night to watch her wedding. My girls and I are going to Atlanta to hear Beth Moore and we also are going to see the Princess Di exhibit in April. I can't wait! I don't like to pay full price for things either, if I can help it. I never could do a split. I'm impressed that you can, that is awesome. Have a nice Easter. Love & blessings from NC!

Betsy said...

That was fun learning all those things about you! We have lots in common. In fact, we are almost exactly the same age...I will be 46 in April! :)

Happy Birthday!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Happy Happy Birthday! We have a lot in common! I had to laugh because vinegar is one of my all time favorites too! Anything pickled or vinegar based! YUM!!! And don't you love Salt and Vinegar Chips???????

linda said...

I loved reading the 46 things about you! Prom queen huh! Doesn't surprise me, you look like a very attractive 46 year old!

I still think if we were neighbors, we'd be fast friends!

I chew gum alot too!

I can't remember names either. Since menopause, my mind and memory have disappeared!

Joyce said...

I'm still stuck back on the cupcakes...yum!

I loved your list. I'm hugely impressed you can still do the splits.

Glad you had a happy celebration!
Have a wonderful Easter...Joyce

Carrie B said...

Vinegar, Really?
We're alot alike actually, except I should have been prom queen. I'm over it now, but I totally should have been. Ha

Great list!

Happy Birthday to you!

Darla DiStefano said...

Loved the list and all the comments too! I live in a small town and there is a road between my town and the little town next door where my children attend school. There are always turtles crossing the day I had to make several trips to the school. The first time there was a turtle crossing the road. I thought about stopping and moving him to the side but I know from experience that they always come back, lol! On my way home there was a man stopping and doing just that. Every subsequent trip I took someone was stopping to kindly move the turtle out of the road. Who knew turtles could be so stubborn and isn't it amazing how many people will stop to rescue them! I was impressed! Happy birthday once again!