Mar 22, 2010


my birthday is tomorrow and what do I get?

My sweet little puppy


slid off the bed Saturday night and
his leg and he will be having

After he is well enough to come home....
someone will have to be with him 24/7
for two weeks.

Did I mention his nickname is

I am not sure,
but I may be depressed and I may need a glass of wine.

Check back tomorrow.......


Betsy said...

Are you serious??? I can't believe that! I feel so bad for your puppy, but I feel worse for you! :) Hope your birthday is fun anyway!!

Joyce said...

Aww, hope you have a happy birthday in spite of the mishap. And I hope all goes smoothly for your little guy.

Have is your birthday after all!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Lisa, I am so sorry about Charlie! I hope things go well for him tomorrow. Sounds like you will be busy for the next few weeks. I'm with Joyce, have some champagne and celebrate in style tomorrow. After all, it is your special day. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, despite the surgery. Love & blessings from NC!

Darla DiStefano said...

oh, no, Charlie! Poor baby! I hope you have a happy birthday in spite of it all!

Frau said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! I hope everything goes well for Charlie!

Love Being a Nonny said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Next, I am so sorry...oh dear, high maintenance pup already!!

Girl, you need MORE than a glass of wine. Pray your day is a great one!

Jolyn said...

Aww the poor puppy, we just had that happen with my cousins bull dog that is a pup.. she did very good and was back to herself in no time. As for you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come. I pray for a fast 2 weeks and all is good.

Carrie B said...

Oh No! Good thing he's cute! :)

I hope the rest of your Birthday is Happily without incidents! :)

linda said...

Oh my gosh are you kidding!!! I can't believe it! Poor little thing, I'll keep ALL of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy Happy Birthday Lisa! Have a GREAT day!

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