Mar 15, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Are you doing anything special today?
I am planning on cooking up a little corned beef and cabbage.

I am so behind with posting. Since my mom passed away, I am really feeling like I will never get back on track. I have been a little busier and computer time has fallen a little down on my list of things to do. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. So here it is, Wednesday, and I am just now getting #2's birthday pictures from the weekend posted.

Our weekend and the beginning of the week was full of puppies, birthday celebrations, restaurants, spring breakers, soccer, spin class and shopping. The rest of this week is supposed to be gorgeous and warm. I cannot wait to get outside.

#1 was home last week for spring break. It was wonderful having her home. I love it when she is here because she loves going to the gym and really nags me until I stop making excuses and go with her. She and I went to the gym five times and ended up going to four killer spin classes. We even talked The Man of the House into joining us on Saturday. I am so proud of myself, but now that she is back at school, I have to keep it up by myself. That is going to be hard to do.

This week is #2's spring break. She came home on Friday but yesterday she flew to NYC. One of her good friends at school lives in Long Island and invited some of the girls on their hall to come and visit. She was so excited. I took her to the airport yesterday and dropped her off. It felt very strange doing that. She checked in and flew by herself. None of my girls have ever done that before. I know that she is going to see New York very differently with her friends than she does when we go. The girl that she is staying with grew up there and knows all of the good places to shop and eat. I think it is very exciting and cannot wait to hear her stories and see the pictures. (MCW... watch out for her!)

Our family celebrated #2's birthday on Friday night. We went to the restaurant of her choice and I wasn't surprised that she wanted steak. That is what she usually chooses. Afterwards, we went home to open presents and have cake.

This is an orange raspberry cake that I saw Giada make on TV.
It was really really good and easy to make.

my man and Charlie

she is liking that little blue box.....


I talked to #2 last night. She and her friends were watching a movie and then planning on going to bed early. They needed their sleep. They are riding the train into the city early this morning and are planning on shopping all day. I have a feeling that birthday gift card will come in handy today.


Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh, I wish I was with her in NYC! What a fun thing for her to get to do. I LOVE to visit there!!!

Yall all look great. Every one of you are so pretty!

P.S. Love the jar of corks behind you in that one picture. Fun!!

Joyce said...

The cake sounds really good...might have to try that one. I'm making corned beef tonite too...we've eaten light the last two nights to make up for it : )

I know what you mean about the excercising..yuk. So much better with a cute skinny daugther to motivate me : )

Have a nice day!

MCW said...

I was just thinking that it would be hysterical if I saw her and I said "Hey! I read your mom's blog!" She may think I am a crazy stalker and call the cops...haha
If she is in the city today it is NUTS!!!!!!

Frau said...

Lisa great pictures....hello spinner master you look amazing!! So beautiful and your girls so pretty! I hope #2 has a great time in NYC. Congrats on working out so hard keep up the good work.

Carrie B said...

Love those Puppies!

Looks like #2 had a great Birthday. How can you not, when there's a little blue box involved?!

I received my first Tiffany Blue when I was 25, my daughter... 14. Hmmm :)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Happy Birthday #2. My birthday was March 15th. You have the prettiest daughters. Sounds like things have been really busy at your house, but I guess that is a good thing for you. The puppies are precious! Good luck with the exercising. I need to get back to my walking. Love & blessings from NC!