Oct 2, 2009


We have so much planned this weekend. I am sure it is going to go by so fast and we are all going to exhausted when it is all over.
It is all about sports this weekend and The Man of the House is thrilled!!

We just back from the home opener of the
Carolina Hurricanes.
Who would have ever guessed we would be into NHL Hockey here in Raleigh, NC?
#1 came from Chapel Hill to go with us to the game.
Unfortunately the Hurricanes lost tonight.
That's okay. They have 80 more games left and we got some good tailgating in!

Can you imagine playing in so many games? It exhausts me just thinking about their schedule.
The members of the team had to leave the arena after the game and get on a plane for a game tomorrow night in Boston.

Tomorrow, early in the morning we are headed to Chapel Hill which is all of 35 minutes away from our house.
#1's sorority is having their parents weekend.
We have to be at the sorority house for breakfast and then go to the football game together.
Last year we went and had the most wonderful shrimp and grits I have ever had,
so I cannot wait to see what is on the menu tomorrow.

They have a top notch chef at the sorority house. He used to cook for celebrities on movie sets and fell in love with Chapel Hill when he was working on a movie set that was being filmed there. He decided to take a job as the chef in the sorority house and moved his family to the area.
One day I will show you some pictures and share an article about him.
It is a really neat story.
Sometimes I think my daughter chose her sorority based on the food!
When all of her friends are going to eat chicken fingers at their sororities she is looking forward to grilled fish and roasted veggies with frat boys waiting on them!
She and all of her sisters are some very spoiled ladies!

While we are in Chapel Hill, #2 might bring some friends to our house to watch the NC State/Wake Forest game on TV. Nobody has a big enough TV in their dorm room for them all to huddle around.
I have never met the "new friends" so of course I am worried about how the house looks...
you know, first impressions are everything!
I am going to have to get up really early to be ready in time in the morning!

Sunday, we will head out of town once again.
This time to Mebane, NC, which is about an hour and a half away (maybe).
#3's soccer team has a game around lunchtime.
Their team is in first place in their bracket for the state and they are very excited about that.

Sunday evening #3 has Youth Group at church so she will have to have all of her homework done and be all cleaned up and ready for that around 6:00.

Short weekend.... once again!
Time flies when you are having fun!

Hope you have a great and productive weekend!!

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