Oct 15, 2009


I cannot believe it has been over a week since I last looked at this page. I have had a lot on my plate in the past week. Every night I promised myself I'd sign on and at least read and catch up with everybody, but I haven't even done that.

Here is what I've been doing over the past week...in no particular order of importance:

  • #2 was home for Fall Break. It was so nice to have her here. The house just feels so different when she (or #1) is home. I love hearing them move around upstairs, the shower come on, the TV on or hearing them talking on the phone. I especially like hearing them talk to their little sister. She really misses them when they are at school. I know it sounds strange, but when I lay my head down at night, the house just feels different when they are here. ( I know I just repeated myself, but there no other words to describe it. )
  • The Man of the House celebrated his B'day. I feel like such a bad wife because I didn't post one of those sweet celebratory posts about/to him. (sigh) We went out to eat at the Angus Barn, his favorite, and all of the girls were able to go with us. #1 drove from school and met us at the restaurant. #2 was already home because of Fall Break. We picked #3 up early from soccer practice and she wiped off in the car and changed clothes on the way. Seeing that she is 12, I think the days are numbered that she will actually let us cart her off somewhere all sweaty after practice. I see showers, blow-dryers and make-up in our future!! I don't blame her!

  • My aunt from Texas was here for a week. I love it when she is here! She comes and stays at my other aunt's house here in Raleigh for a few days and then she and my mom go to my parent's house. There was a family reunion last weekend and we were not able to go because of.... you guessed it, an out of town soccer game. It is a shame, but it is just the way it is when your child is on an advanced traveling team. We did get to go out and eat and visit several times with her. They even surprised the MOTH with a birthday cake.
    my two aunts and my mom (right)

  • I have been cleaning like crazy. I started this "project" a month or so ago and took a little break from it, but now a I am back on track. I am/was so tired of all the stuffed drawers, cabinets, boxes and containers. I just couldn't take it anymore. I wish I took a picture of all of the big green trash bags full of paper that I have thrown away in the past week. I have been emptying and dumping things into piles and sorting through it one piece of paper at a time. Right now I am undecided how to get it all organized, so I have just made little piles all around my house. I am going to the office supply store or container store next week to figure out what I am going to do and how I am going to store and organize all of the stuff I am keeping. It is kind of funny that I am cleaning out containers, boxes and files just to go buy some more containers, boxes and files!

  • Speaking of cleaning things out..... it went from summer to almost winter here overnight and #3 has hardly anything to wear. She has grown so tall since last winter none of her clothes fit her. Also, last year she loved Limited Too and Justice style clothes and now there is no way she would be caught wearing any of those sparkly, glittery things. I have cleaned out her drawers and closet plus our cedar closet and have taken several loads to Goodwill. I have had to go shopping just to get her enough things to get her through this cold spell until she can actually go shopping with me. With soccer and homework, our time is very limited.
  • Bible Study started back. My church has a Wednesday morning Bible Study that I have been going to for years and it runs from fall through spring. We are doing the Beth Moore study on Paul. I love her studies.
  • My computer is acting up. It is running so slow and websites ( blogs) with pictures won't ever completely open up. I need to go the Apple Store next week to get them to teach me what to do when this happens. The Man of the House is a PC guy and he acts like my Mac is an alien or something every time I ask him to take a look at it. :) I know nothing about the upkeep of any type of computer. It is just not what interests me.
  • Mr. Bubbles had to go to the vet three times last week. First he had his yearly check up and then because his bladder wasn't being cooperative, he had to go back to try and give a urine sample twice. I am not sure how they get a urine sample from a cat, but he looked traumatized every time they brought him back to me. I think it literally scared the tinkle out of him! So after three trips to the vet last week, I found out that he needs to go back next week for a bladder x-ray. There are crystals in his urine and that means there may be a stone. It will show up on the x-ray if there is one. If there isn't, he has to go on a special diet (in other words: expensive diet) to help clear things up. If there is, depending on size, he may have to have it removed. Good Grief!!
  • My mother in law had a stroke several weeks ago and is in the hospital near us. Because this blog is about my immediate family and home, kind of like my scrapbook, I haven't shared that with you. I feel like it isn't my place to put that information out there..... but looks like I just did! I won't go into a lot of detail, but it has kept us out of our normal routine. I have been doing more car pool driving than usual and we've had company staying at our house during the week because of the location of the hospital. There is something to say about having a routine.
  • We are going to Florida in a few days and I have been getting things together for the trip. The Man of the House has a conference smack dab in the middle of Disney World and there was NOWAY I was going to let him go by himself. We definitely are taking advantage of a hotel room that is already paid for! It has been cold here for only 2 days and I already cannot wait to go somewhere warm and sunny! I think it is going to be a long winter!
  • I've wanted to watch Mad Men for along time and my aunt happened to have the first season on DVD. I love it! I want to start watching it when it comes on on Sunday nights, but hate not being all caught up. Something tells me, I am going to be purchasing the entire series. Why didn't I know about this show earlier? I went onto the Mad Men website and Mad Men(ed) myself. (Is that how you say that?)
  • My piece of furniture for the den came in and I love it! It finally completes the room and after 10 years I am thrilled! I'll show you pictures soon.
  • #1 had her Parent's Weekend at her sorority. We had brunch there that was delicious and then went to the football game.

Let me just say two things about the picture of me:
  1. I just had my hair cut a couple of days before this picture. Don't you hate getting a bad haircut? The same girl has been cutting my hair for several years now and it is a love hate relationship. I hate trying someone new because then I'd be so embarrassed about having to go back to her if that didn't work out, but sometimes I feel like I have nothing to loose. I don't think they teach people how to cut hair anymore. It is all about over texturized short pieces. I've told her several times that my hair doesn't do what it is supposed to do when it is over texturized. It does just the opposite. I think I am growing it out to all one length, which I already know will make me look ten years older, but I am sooo tired of trying to get on the same wave length as my hair dresser. I am too old to be upset about my hair!
  2. That is a new Lilly cardigan that I paid full price for and I hate it. Yep, I hate it. It looses it shape and stretches out after having it on for ten minutes. It made me feel like a extra large rag-a- muffin all day. On top of that, one of those fancy buttons fell off while I was in line at the brunch..... out of the blue, just fell off my brand new full price pricey sweater and rolled across the floor. While I am on my soap box about Lilly, all of those cute little shrimp, anchors and bumble bees fall off the shoes too! I think I am sticking with Lilly skirts. They always deliver and make me feel cute and I've never had to chase one across the floor!

Well, I've rambled on and on and I feel much better!
Thanks for listening!



MCW said...

Wow. You been very busy! I love having time to relax, but sometimes those crazy weeks are nice to have!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Sorry to hear that you all have had so much going on. My life has been pretty crazy too. I have got to get organized and get back to more regular blogging. Enjoy your time at Disney. The rest and relaxation will be the best thing for you!!! Have fun! Love & blessings from NC!

Joyce said...

Well, there's a lot here to comment on but let me just say I know exactly what you mean about having your kids in the house. Sigh. My youngest is coming home for just two days of her break next week as she has to be back to school to travel to a game. Oldest is going to the beach so I won't see her until Thanksgiving. Another sigh.

Disney...love it...have fun...how can you not?

preppyplayer said...

Whew girl! Thanks for bringing us up to speed! No wonder you haven't had time to blog...
Don't you wonder how you did it when they were young and needed you for everything?
It should be easier... and some how, it isn't!
Still, how lucky are you to have so much good stuff going on?!