Oct 28, 2009


Thank you for your prayers. I know nothing more today, but will know something later this week. All I know is that I am exhausted. You know what they say about worry. It is just like rocking. It keeps you busy but gets you no where. It also wears me out. Keep the prayers coming!

On to something else.............

Back in July, we ordered a piece of furniture for our den. For years, I've struggled with a big wall in our den. It swallowed up every piece of furniture I put up against it and also made every picture I hung on it look way too small. I was always rearranging the furniture we had to get the balance right, but nothing ever looked good.

We had a hutch made for the room and it finally came in a few weeks ago. I was nervous about the size of it, but now that it is here, I love it! It fits in the room perfectly and after 10 years, I finally feel like I got it right.

I bought nothing new to put on the shelves (yet). I am looking for a new lamp with some color and a smaller shade. I also need to get some candles for the iron piece in the top center.

It was nice to have a place to put some of my fall decorations.
I cannot wait to get my Christmas stuff on there!

I know I want to add some old books and some color, but I will just do that as I find things.
I also am looking for smaller pictures to put on the wall beside it, but they shouldn't be too hard to find.

I love the extra storage I have now. I don't have anything in there yet, but
I know I will not have any trouble finding things.


Carrie B said...

Ooohh. I love it. It looks distressed is it? And what fun to be able to change things out seasonally/holiday on it.
Love it!

Joyce said...

I love this...I have a huge wall in my family room with two story walls and it needs something. The piece I have now is okay but hard to work with.

Also wondering how you like living with the brown walls you painted a while back? We have a big bonus room upstairs with our pool table in it and I'm thinking of painting it brown...just wondering if you still like living with the brown? What is the color on the wall in the room in this picture? It looks kinda brown in the photo but I was thinking it was your dining room you painted brown?

MCW said...

That looks fantastic! How exciting...I love home shopping.

Betsy said...

Oooooo....so pretty! I love it!!

Preppy 101 said...

It's perfect!! Hugs to you and yours. xoxo

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love your new piece of furniture. I would love to have a hutch like that to put things on. Praying for your Mom! Love & blessings from NC!

southerninspiration said...

Ooooooooooh, girl, that is fantastic! How fun to have all that decorating space and storage!!!


Frau said...

Oh ! I love it, looks perfect! Continued prayers coming your way.

linda said...

Looove your new piece of furniture and it looks like just the perfect size for the wall...great job!

It's always fun to have more things to decorate, have fun! Can't wait to see it all decorated for Christmas.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I love, love, love it. There is a place here in Texas where you can have them made. I always tell my hubby that I want to add on a room just to be able to buy one. It is perfect for your wall!