Oct 1, 2009


I've been playing nurse again!

I got a phone call Tuesday night from #2. She was sick and sounded awful. She was already in her pajamas and in bed so she decided to stay at school until the morning. Wednesday morning she came home. I stayed home from Bible Study so that I would be home when she got here. I was certain she was going to end up having the H1N1 virus like #3 did last week, but she didn't. There is another virus going around her dorm and just about everybody has had it. It is a really bad sore throat and slight fever. #2 laid around the house all day Wednesday and today and she headed back to school after dinner this evening. I do love her just being across town! It is so nice that she can come home when she isn't feeling well.

We were worried about her missing classes. She was worried about something else. She has her first date function with her sorority Friday night and of course that was her primary concern! I think she is going to live and I'll bet she will feel just fine come Friday night!


While #2 and I caught up on some of our DVR'd shows, I spent some time organizing my photos on my laptop. I came across some pictures that I took this summer and I just had to share them with you.

Have I ever told you we are a PERFECT family?
I have the pictures to prove it.

During the summer, I spent some time teaching the girls how to cook some of their favorite things. Braised spare ribs is one of the most requested meals I cook.
I asked #1 and #2 to watch and stir the pot of sauteing onions and garlic while I did something else.

Trouble was brewing and as you can see
#1 was stewed about something!
So like any good mom would do, I grabbed my camera.

A fight ensued.

I promise the really do love each other.
Honestly, they do.

So who won,
the karate trained #1 or the scrappy #2?

It was
She is the one with the longest arms and farthest reach.

And what were they fighting over?

The very popular onion goggles of course!


No sisters were injured while taking pictures for this post.


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