Jun 9, 2009


About a week ago we discovered tadpoles in our birdbath. I am not sure how mama frog got all the way up into the birdbath, but somehow she did. The birdbath sits in the direct sun all day and because of that, the water was hot. This was not good for the tadpoles! There were many dead ones floating around, but the majority of them were still alive. Mama frog surely must have been proud of herself, because she didn't have just a liter....she had a whole crop! (I know, frogs lay eggs.) 

Well, being the ole' kindergarten teacher that I once was, I saw this a wonderful little science lesson. I scooped some out into a flower vase and added some cooler water (to stop the cooking process). 

the vase is back by the door

The MOTH then poured the rest of them from the birdbath into a big bucket and headed down to the pond that is (far) behind our house. He was not too happy about the new chore bestowed upon him, but after 22 years of being married to me, he knew there was no need to discuss whether we "REALLY were going to put forth all of this effort to save some tadpoles." Okay, okay, we did have the discussion, but it was a short one. 

Fast forward to this morning...................................

I glanced down into the vase, where just last night, about 15 happy little tadpoles were playing. This morning there was 1! 

little black dot = lonely tadpole

Where are the rest of them? Who stole the tadpoles? Was it one of my neighbor's cats? Unless the cat had a fishing pole,  I would think that it would have turned the vase over. Was it a bird? I can't imagine a bird sitting on the rim the vase and waiting for the little tadpoles to swim up to the top. Hmmmmmm...

So now the one little lonely tadpole is all that is left. So much for that science lesson.  I think the MOTH might be visiting the pond this evening when he gets home. 

Porch Update

Thank you for  all of the great suggestions. I searched for replacement cushions and found some at Fran's Wicker, but did not see any fabrics I liked. The fabrics are all dated looking. They do have my exact fabric, but if I am gong to pay to replace 9 year old cushions I want something new and fresh looking. Just to replace the cushions on the chair is over $300 (back and seat cushion).   I have cushions for the couch, love seat  and ottoman to replace also. The size of the furniture doesn't really show in the pictures. It is a full size couch, like a family room couch. They are categorized as "deep seating" pieces of furniture and all that means is that the cushions are big and you have to sell your firstborn to replace them. I guess it's like getting something reupholstered... expensive. 

 My cushion covers are intact along the zipper and the corners. They fell apart along the seams. I'm going to attempt to stitch them back together tonight. It isn't going to work on all of them and on those, I am going to use the glue gun. 

After things settle down, I am going to look for some cute fabric and have new cushions made. I just didn't want to do that right now. I just bought a couple of pieces of furniture and the house decorating  budget is looking a little low. I could always borrow from the clothing and shoes budget, but that's not going to happen!!  I might just need to sell that first-born princess. 


The Muse said...

Wow...that is so strange...but Maybe those tadpoles were jumpers...I mean if the Mom could jump UP...perhaps her super powers passed on to her kids...LOL !

Poor little tadpole!

Rachel said...

I have read that certain species of tadpoles will sometimes eat eachother if food is scarce? I think it's more likely that a bird got them, although it does seem like quite a feat getting in that vase!

Hope Mama Frog finds a better nursery next spring!