Jun 18, 2009


1. The sun is finally out as of right now. We've not seen it for several days and have had flash flood warnings, thunderstorms and pouring rain continuously. Enough is enough! It is predicted to clear up for the weekend and it is going to be hot. It might reach 100' tomorrow! 

2. #2 is packing for her mission trip to Jamaica. She and a group from our church are leaving tomorrow. She and #1 have gone on mission trips since middle school. They have worked every where from Washington DC, New Orleans, Mexico and now Jamaica. I have never seen 
anyone so excited about mixing and pouring cement!

3. We went to the Coach Outlet this morning. It is an hour away. #2 had five graduation gifts to get and everyone loves the Coach wristlet that I got her there about three weeks ago. Of course, there were no more so we had to settle on change purse /key chains. Oh well, the girls will still love them and they will be very useful when they go to college. 

4.  We are dogsitting  for our neighbors. Well, we were. They have two rambunctious dogs. These dogs truly act like hyper toddlers on caffeine. One of the dogs tore something in his leg last week and is on Rimadayl, a very strong arthritis medication. I went over to let them out first thing yesterday morning and during the night, one of them had jumped on the kitchen counter, taken the medication bottle, chewed the medication bottle into five pieces and commenced to eating 30 very potent tablets. I immediately (after I panicked) called my neighbor. She called the vet. It ended up that #1 and I had to rush the dogs to the vet. We had to coax these stubborn dogs into the back of my SUV during a downpour. Rimadayl is a dangerous drug and can cause kidney failure if taken for extended periods of time. I wonder if taking 30 at once counts as dangerous?  Anyhow, the dogs are in the hospital.  They were acting normal, but are undergoing test and being given IV fluids. I haven't talked to my neighbor yet today. I feel so bad about the situation. I just hope that they are okay.

5. The first session of summer school is already over for #1. She is so happy not to have to drive back and forth to Chapel Hill every morning. She is doing some babysitting, but other than that doesn't have a job. No one is interested in hiring someone for six weeks. 

6. I cannot think of anything to get my dad for Father's Day. Men are so hard to buy for. I know there is the typical "Polo style shirt" type gift, but I hate giving the predictable gift. I like giving things that people want, but never buy themselves. Besides, I think I was clueless last year too and got him a shirt. He is the type of guy that has everything and needs nothing. He doesn't read, watch a lot of TV or have any hobbies other than fishing and working out in the yard.  I am running out of time!

7. I need/want to clean up my blog. I need to update my blog-list.  I want to change things and get another background. I started looking at that the other day. I had to stop myself because I have so much other stuff I need to be doing. I know once I get started, it will end up being an all day project. I also am afraid of loosing stuff. Has that happened to anyone? Can you change the backgrounds (from the freebie sites) and not loose anything? I am afraid of doing something wrong and ending up with a big mess...... and then that would really take all day!

8. Went to look at the apartment that #1 is going to live in when school starts back. Now that is all I can think about. I am almost antsy about getting things for it. It is so hard to have to sit back and wait and let the roommates get things for it too. It is in a old warehouse and has brick walls, exposed beams and pipes and stained cement floors. How cool is that?  I have pictures and can't wait to post them.


Joyce said...

I'm tired of the rain. I think we've had two days without rain since we arrived in the US June
2nd. More is called for this weekend. Ugh.

My daughter is working at Coach this summer and gets an amazing discount! I'm going to see her in July and I'm planning to shop : )

I'm anxious to read comments about updating your blog without losing things as I need to do the same. I'll check back to see what people say.

Hope the dogs are okay!

Frau said...

wow you are one busy lady! Sorry about the dogs that is an unfortunate situation. Prayers are with the pups.
Have a wonderful Weekend.