Jun 18, 2009


After the blood test, the vets were able to figure out that only one dog got into the meds. Her toxic level was very high. After I left the dogs at the vet, the one that "took" the Rimadayl got sick....really sick. It has vomited and had diarrhea for 24 hours. It has been violently sick. They are medicating it and giving it fluids for now. They think that we got them there in time to counter the affects on the kidneys. So for right now we have a sick doggie that will recover, which is better than a sick doggie that won't. I still feel bad that this happened, but am glad that I woke up early and went over there to let them out so early. If I would have sent any of my kids over there, I am not sure they would have discovered the chewed up medicine bottle. After loosing Cleo in January, this has really brought on those feelings again. I am so glad that their family pet is going to be okay. At least it looks that way for right now. (There may be some long term ramifications of the overdose.) I will sleep better tonight. 

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Frau said...

Good news thank god!Try to enjoy your weekend!