Jun 5, 2009


I can't believe that this school year is over. I am not sure where all of the time went. I can look back and remember each season, football game, field-trip, teacher workday, choir performance but it is hard to believe that it is all behind us now. I love summer and count down the days until it gets here. This year is bitter sweet. Another one graduates.  I like the slow pace of summer. I love family game night and movie night. I like a little time with nothing to do. This summer will be different, busier than ever. #1 is moving into an apartment when she goes back to school so  I am going to be busy looking for things for her. We have some furniture we are giving her and it is going to need to be painted. I have some things I want to make...pillows, lampshades, upholster a bulletin board and so on. Sounds like a whole lot of crafting to me!!  #2 will be in a dorm and somehow, I seem to make that a summer project as well. Things have to be just right, you know. If it's not cute, then I not satisfied :). She and her roommate are looking at comforters at Anthropology, but haven't made up their mind yet. They haven't graduated from highschool YET and I think I am behind. (Yep, that's me. I am not sure if I am a micro manager, worrier or just organized. I don't like to wait to the last minute (month) to do things. I like to plan, make lists and go for it. I even (don't hate me) started talking about Christmas lists yesterday.) 

I take a picture of the princesses on the first and last day of school. I even had #1 take a picture of herself on her first day of class and UNC, but I missed the last day. I guess I am going to have to let that tradition go. It is a little harder when they are in college! I love looking back and comparing the changes. 

August, 2008
 #3 on her first day of middle school

Middle School-pro
June 2009

#3's school had awards day yesterday. I am proud to say that she was one of the few that made the A Honor Roll. Her total average for the year was a 97.5. That's not bad, is it?
She also received the Sixth Grade Physical Education Award from the PE teacher. 
So I guess that means that she is smart AND can run fast! Ha!
(We are very proud. We take a lot of pride in our girls being very active and committed to a sport.)


Senior Girl!!
August, 2008

Last Day of School!
June 2009
(all the seniors wore their college shirts)

We have a few graduation parties to go to this weekend and then a lot of yard work planned. It has been rainy so the weeds are taking over the flower beds!! I also have some planting to do.....again.  The deer have treated my flower beds like a salad bar and I am furious....... more on that later.
 I am in the middle of a war!


Frau said...

Great idea too late to start that tradition mines just ending 9th grade. Your girls really changed in a school years time especially your youngst. Sounds like you are in for a busy summer.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

They look so cute! Summers just are never the same once they graduate are they. (My son that just graduated came in at 5 this morning like he thinks that's ok)
Enjoy the next few weeks!

Rickrack and Pompoms said...

Oh I did the same thing for college girls house last year, crafted and crafted. It was great fun. One thing we did was spray paint a lot of frames white and filled them with black and white photos. Great way to fill a wall and of course I had to fill in some frames with family pictures. (of course you could take the easy route and buy them white, as I realized later, but I wanted certain sizes for it to look just right. She really didn't care.) Enjoy all the graduation activities.