Dec 10, 2008


 So the day after Thanksgiving the man of the house made the annual trip to the other garage (across the drive way) to drag out the 100 boxes of decorations we've accumulated over the years and stacked them up on the front porch.  For the next three days I worked diligently finding just the right spot for every Santa, elf and Rudolph. At the beginning of our marriage I had a thing for Santas and collected them.  So now I have some nice ones and then there are the cheesy ones.  Some of the worst ones are still chillin out in the box back in the "other garage" and aren't going to be making an appearance this year. The better looking ones are having a meeting on top of the china cabinet in the dining room. I tried to take inventory of what was in all of the boxes. Who bought all of this crap?  I have a whole storage box of nothing but ribbons and bows in an assortment of colors and sizes (depending on what the theme was the year they were purchased ). There is a box of nothing but Christmas tins and food storage containers to box up goodies for neighbors, teachers and coaches. There is at least a five year supply in there. The list goes on. The Princesses couldn't wait to get the decorating party started but 30 minutes into the whole thing their Choir ADD kicked in and away they went.  They checked in on me every hour or so out of guilt, I am sure.  

I'm tired and so I am done.  I am not putting anything else out or up.  It has been over two weeks and there are still two big storage containers still sitting on the porch waiting for the man of the house to haul them back across the driveway and up the stairs of the other garage. ("HAUL":  one of the words the man of the house uses any chance he gets) When he does, I hope he brings down the reindeer that go in the front yard. As of right now they are laying on their side still decapitated (for storage purposes) in the other garage. 

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