Dec 20, 2008


I made everyone sit around the kitchen table and write out a "TO DO" list for the next few days before Christmas. I didn't want  the last days before Christmas to get away from us and for things to get so hectic that we completely not enjoy Christmas. We organized our schedules so that we could shop together and run errands together. The main thing on my list was to get some baking done and to wrap.....a lot of wrapping!  Princess #3 really wanted to bake too and wanted to help with everything. 

The next morning I woke Princess 3 up early and may I say, she was a very good sport about it. We baked in our PJ's and listened  to Christmas music until 12:30PM. I'm so glad the doorbell didn't ring! 

We baked and made:

Caramel Candy
(these are soooo good!)

This is where you start to wonder if you have done
something wrong.....

German Butter Cookies
#3 is using my great grandmother's sifter.The 
dough had to chill in the fridge for an hour and so we took
time to shower and dress.

Neiman Marcus Cookies

Next on the list was Caramel Corn and Oreo Truffles.  That is the means we used to destroy the kitchen that night. I guess I should also say the whole house was destroyed. I am not sure how that happens. Whenever there is some kind of project going on the whole house falls apart. 

We went to the mall today, just to see what we were missing out on. We wanted to leave and be there at 9:00. We got there at 10:30....that is on time for those that live on "princess time".  Gosh, talk about the sales. Can't wait to see the sales the day after Christmas. So while in The Loft, I tell the two older princesses to see if they saw something spectacular and really cheap and we'd talk about it. Two minutes later the oldest princess is overloaded and overwhelmed with all of the choices. Princess #2 still had her nose turned up at the whole store. I really had to force her to try on one shirt. I pretty much told her we would not go to the Apple store if she didn't.  (I've been trying to sell The Loft to her for about a year now.) Well, three shirts purchased later we attempted to leave but could not find the man of the house. He was spotted in the corner with his Blackberry in his hand. He was in a trance. I don't know if he was emailing those important people or playing that Brick Breaker game but we totally left him and hid outside of the store. It is so funny to see him wake up from his hypnotic state and realize he is all alone. We were good to him today. We only left him two times. (Well, okay, it was really three.)

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