Dec 27, 2008


Santa was very good to us!  He always is!  
Thanks Santa!

We spent our Christmas Eve as we usually do. We had appetizers and punch for dinner. We set the table as if we were having a party and graze the whole evening. We open one present Christmas Eve and those are our Christmas PJ's. EVERYBODY gets new PJ's for Christmas. This year we some how ended up playing a rowdy game of spoons to see which one of the princesses won the opportunity choose which package to open. I don't usually put names on the pajamas. I usually buy them the same thing but in a different a color and so every year we have to come up with some way to pass them out. Of course the one that I thought would be the least favorite was the most popular. I got a great set of pajamas from Ann Taylor. (PINK!!) The girls bought them without dad's input and did a great job! The Man  of the House looked snazzy in his new grey flannel pj pants!! 

We opened gifts Christmas morning and it was honestly a sea of boxes in the den when all things were said and done. The girls got mostly  girl, boots, purses, clothes and jewelery. Princess #3 got a Wii Fit board and some games. We've been having a lot of fun with that. She also got  "MY  VERY OWN CELL PHONE!" She wanted one, but wasn't expecting it. She actually cried...and was speechless!! I can't tell you how many hugs she has given me and her dad. She is such a sweetie!

This is what Santa brought me! 

Woo Hoo!! Way to go Santa!



Christmas afternoon we headed to my parent's house....we had to eat one more time! We somehow ended up playing games. My dad would get so excited, he would end up saying something off the wall and then he wouldn't be able to stop laughing. I thought he would explode! 

The princesses are staying at my parent's house for a few days.....the Annual After Christmas Visit To Grandma's. They have been doing this since they were toddlers. She spoils them! Who can resist going to movies and coffee shops, sleeping late and staying in their pj's all day? 

The Man of The House and I have been enjoying ourselves (minus the princesses). We've seen several movies, a few restaurants and believe it or not saw the inside of the gym today. We see the outside daily as we drive by, and we thought visiting the inside couldn't hurt! I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

So that is Christmas all wrapped up! Can't believe it is all gone. All that planning, prep, scheduling, cooking..... We never did get to the Gingerbread House...maybe next year. I'll start on it early and then it won't overwhelm me. We definitely don't need another family tradition around here, but maybe that is something we can start doing Thanksgiving weekend. Don't remind me next year! Those poor reindeer never did see the light of day. They are still prisoner in the attic in the other garage. Sorry Rudolph, maybe next year!

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