Dec 8, 2008


Saturday was the annual Christmas Card Picture Taking Day. Our idea was to dress in my relatives old hats and furs and take pictures. We were trying to go for this vintage looking card. Brooke was going to photoshop it and add some effects to make it look old. We didn't really get what we were going for. I do not care how old the kids are, getting them to cooperate and listen and stand still is really hard.  We ended up with tears, arguments and attitudes. At one point we were dying from laughter at how ridiculous it all was. Someone was getting mad because somebody looked better than they did. Somebody got their feelings hurt because their hat wasn't cute. The list goes on. We thought about making a collage with some of the bad shots and saying:

 "Hope your Christmas pictures turned out better than ours.
                          Merry Christmas from the Odoms"

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