Dec 3, 2008


These are a few of my favorite things.......

So it is December, already. So now until the 25th we all must wake up and hit the ground running. I am trying to get Christmas under control before my oldest daughter comes home from college this weekend for her Christmas break. My plan is to get the majority of their gifts bought by the end of this week so that we can do some fun Christmas things. The girls have asked me several times to make a Ginger Bread House. That is something I cannot do every takes at least two years to recover from the experience of it all! Shopping for all the right candies to make bushes, the roof, windows and so on is hard especially if you are picky like us. I'm not sure if I can get up the courage to do that this year but I am considering it. 

The Princesses 

Princess #1

Princess #1  graduated from high school in June. In August she had the nerve to pack up and head off to college. She is now conquering UNC Chapel Hill with her beauty,wit and enthusiasm. She is studying a lot more than she thought she would and "going out" a lot less than she planned. She is planning on becoming a nurse and wants to work  in the dermatology or plastic surgery area. (Free Botox for mom!!!) 

Princess #2

Princess #2 is a senior this year. She wants to go into graphic design. She is the prettiest nerd you will ever meet. She has already sent her college applications off to several colleges, but her school of choice is NC State. They have one of the best design schools in the country. We'll see how that goes in a few months!  

Princess #3

Princess #3 is just starting middle school. As of right now she has a 100 average (or better) in every class. She is full of wit and wisdom. She is the silent partner and observer of the crew and just when you have completely forgotten about her she will ask the most profound question or make a hilarious comment.  She reads (nonstop if we'd let her) and plays soccer and the piano.


adlibby said...

Wow! What gorgeous and accomplished girls! Mine are 7 and 9 right now, and some days I want to strangle them. It's fun to have a peek at the future. =) Lovin' your blog! Can't wait to read more.


CarolinaGirl said...

Your girls are beautiful! I know you are very proud, and you should be!