Jan 17, 2013


We are finally getting a little bit of winter weather. 
It has been snowing for a few hours. It is not expected to amount to much and it isn't supposed to last long, but it is so beautiful to see for now.  

Barrett (#3) and I are just loving the idea that there is a two hour delay tomorrow morning. 
Two hour delays are the best!!
We get to sleep in a little, take our time in the morning and she has no day to make up!


She came home from school today looking exceptionally cute.

She goes to a private school and it was chapel day today.
That means "Sunday dress" for everyone.

As much as it can be a pain to follow a strict dress code, it is so refreshing and impressive to see all of the students dressed appropriately and respectively.....
and I must say, high school boys look so much cuter with their bow ties on!

I had to take a few pictures of Lola and Charlie too!

Charlie was so handsome in his Barbour coat this afternoon.
He was getting ready for the "blizzard". 

(I do wish I would have taken off his "house arrest/parole" necklace for his pictures.
We had to get a "stubborn dog" size back in December because he started chasing the deer, squirrels and neighbor's annoying cats out of the yard and into the middle of the cul de sac.)

He had nothing but kisses for Barrett!

Lola had on her pink quilted rain coat this afternoon
and topped it off with a bright red bow.
She loves to mix things up!

They cooperated for pictures for about twenty seconds
 and then...

 this happened....

a doggie wrestling match. 

I am not so sure who won, but after a few rounds they were ready to go inside.

A little wet and smelly,
but still as cute as ever!

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Gina said...

Beautiful daughters! And love the cute doggies!! They're as stylish as their sisters.