Jan 20, 2013


This is really going to be a big week for us here at the Odom house. My baby turns 16 on Tuesday.....at 12:22 AM to be exact.  This is one birthday celebration I am not looking forward to.

 More on that later this week.

We did have a good weekend. I know you just cannot wait to hear all about it!

We had a late start to the day on Friday because of our two hour delay. The roads were bad, especially for us inexperienced southerners.  After I dropped Barrett off at school,  I came back home and got on the elliptical trainer. I listened to my Lady Gaga and Maroon Five playlist.

I went to the mall to shop a little for Barrett's birthday.  I HATE that J Crew has a college student discount  and insist on the student being there with the ID when I am paying for them to be a student and paying for them to wear J Crew clothes. They won though.........I did find some things in the Lilly department at Belk that were 40% off and they still are full price at the Lilly store at Cameron Village.

Friday night Art, Barrett and I went to Gravy for dinner. It is in downtown Raleigh.  Our downtown area is a work in progress, but there are some really great restaurants there now and a few stores.

Gravy has a really great atmosphere and really good food, but the garlic runnith over!! This is a picture of #3's chicken marsala with an entire bulb of roasted garlic.

 Good thing we didn't have plans for the rest of the weekend!

#3 and her daddy
LOVE her J Crew sweater!
I think I had a sweater just like that when I was in high school!

Wilmington Street from the parking deck.

Saturday, Art worked..... it is tax season and that is just what he does this time of year. #1 came home from Chapel Hill and I made a pot of pasta fagioli. 

 After Art got home, all four of us went to DSW.  He got a pair of dress shoes.  #1 got two pair of running shoes (they are so neon and so UGLY). She is training for a half marathon and the hubs says she needs to have two pair of shoes so she can rotate them.  (He ran the Boston Marathon years ago and so he is our resident expert on running and training..... cough cough.)  #3 also got a pair of Ugly running shoes and a pair of nude colored heels. She has to go to a conference in February and needs business attire.

Saturday night we went to see the movie Gangster Squad.  I was very entertained by it.  I love Emma Stone. The men were not all that bad to look at either.

We (Art, #1, #3 and myself) went to church this morning and then went to Whole Foods for lunch.  I once again smell of garlic.

After that, Art and I tried to go to the jewelry store where he bought me this Christmas present, but it was closed because it was Sunday.

 I really do like this Yurman bracelet, it matches the ring he gave me last year. The problem is that it is not a stackable bracelet and it looks very dressy. I am not a dressy person and I want something I can wear everyday with my other Yurman bracelets. I hate returning gifts, especially something as nice as this one. He went and picked it out all by himself and so it really does hurt my feelings that I may be hurting his feelings, but he does want me to have something I will wear every day.  

Art took Barrett out to practice driving this afternoon. It occurred to us that she had never practiced a three point turn and she will be tested on that when she goes for her driving test this week.  While they were gone I wrapped her birthday presents. I made her go upstairs to the office and bring them down when she got home. 

See that one with the fuchsia bow?



SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Yay! Birthdays! I can't wait to see what she got! I hate that J Crew takes FOREVER to put anything on sale! Ugh!
I love and miss downtown Raleigh, since moving here, outside Charlotte. :(
Have a great week!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Ok, I am itching to know what is in the gift with the fuchsia bow!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

What a weekend! I'm excited for #3 big birthday....is it a car??? There is no way you are going to share your convertible or will you? I bet you are freaking out that your baby is 16 yikes they grow fast! Love your new bracelet it's perfect. Happy Monday !

Pink in a sea of blue said...

#3's teeth look great! No braces. Happy B-day. I have wanted to try Gravy. It's near Sitti isn't it? Have you been to Oro? I sure wish downtown Raleigh was like it is now when I was in school! We stuck to Hillsborough Street. LOL! I was disappointed to come here from Charlotte (that's always had a big downtown nightlife). I did not know about the J. Crew college discount. I need to borrow someone's ID myself. :-)