Jan 23, 2013


#3 is 16!!

I just cannot believe it.

We had a day full of birthday celebration.
And that bright pink ribbon in my last post caused this reaction...

Here is a birthday recap:

Monday night I took one last picture of her being 15 right before she went to bed......
and also got a great picture of Bubbles!

She had her birthday outfit all laid out.

Dad got up at 5:30 to make her breakfast.
She came downstairs around 6:00.
She ate breakfast with sleepy eyes, her tiara...

and an extremely tired 23 year old!

She then was ready to go.

While she was gone I whipped up a little birthday dessert,
an Italian Cream Cake.
Yes, from scratch!
Go ME!!

#1 helped me get some other things done...

After school, I took a few pictures while we waited for Art and Brooke  to get home.

I think she needs to wear this color more often.
It makes her eyes look even bluer than they are.
(I promise I didn't touch them up.)

then came present time.
She opened a few things first before she picked up the little box with the fuchsia bow.
She thought it was jewelry......
she was confused....

but then realized what she was holding in her hand....

 and she made a cry face...

and she squealed and jumped a little  a lot.

  After that, we had plans to go out to eat at another downtown restaurant we have been wanting to try, 
(I am not a fan.)

Then we had to head back home for CAKE!

She made a wish, blew out her candles
her birthday day was officially over.

  She goes for her driving test tomorrow.
Her dad is taking her.
That is his job because I am way too nervous about it and I would make her a nervous wreck.
She doesn't want me there.
My feelings are not hurt.

Once she gets her license, the big debate will begin..........
when does she get to start driving to school?  

If it were up to me.....
next year.
The End.


MCW said...

Happy birthday to your baby! I am jealous of her birthday outfit. And what a lucky girl! What a great gift. I wouldn't mind opening that up!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Wow. Happy Birthday! :)

Just Ask Beth said...

I KNEW IT!! We did the same for our daughter.. Beautiful family!!

Carrie B said...

NIIIIICCCCEEE Birthday prezzy!

You're right that blue makes her eyes pop! Soo pretty.

I'm with you on the whole driving test thing. I didn't go with any of mine either. Can't handle the anxiety.

Not sure what the 'new driver' laws there but here they can't drive with anyone else under the age of 18 unless it's a family member for the first 6 months. That helps a little knowing they're going to school and can't 'give rides.'

Happy Birthday to #3!

Tami said...

Happy sweet sixteen to your beautiful daughter!! Great cake too!!!
I'm sure she is thinking you are the best parents EVER with that AWESOME gift. Question is, how do you top it at Christmas? LOL

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Hey! I got your comment on my post. My acup. is in Raleigh, and I LOVE HER. She is so laid back and wonderful! She has changed my life! Email me if you are interested!

Formerly known as Frau said...

What an awesome birthday....omg she has grown into such a beautiful young lady...love her outfit. All you O girls dress so stylish! Picture of her opening key was priceless! It was a sad day when Katelyn started driving to school, I really missed our car ride conversations! Have a great weekend!

dee said...

Truly Sweet Sixteen! Love the close up of her beautiful eyes and the one of her blowing out the candles!

Kiki Nakita said...

That cake looks delish!

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!