Jan 13, 2013

Les Miserables

We have been playing out our own version of 
Les Miserables
since January 4th.

#2 has been put the ringer.

Jan. 3rd
she was sedated
four impacted wisdom teeth were removed...

she was very out of it for our ride home...

and stayed that way for the rest of the day.

BF2 came for the night and everyone camped out in my bed.

Swelling was minimal and the pain was not as bad as she expected. 


come Sunday afternoon this happened......

and this ....

Every mom will recognize those "sick eyes".

Come Monday, after 24 hours of a temperature over 102,
 we headed to doctor.
It was all #2 could do just to get there, much less sit up.
Her throat was swollen, RAW and NASTY.
It was all around the stitches in the back of her mouth.

She went through a battery of tests.
She had a pipe cleaner stuck up her nose "all the way behind my eye",
aka a flu test.
She had a mono test, that came out negative and then was
diagnosed with strep without being given a strep test.
Her throat was so nasty, I will spare the details, but the doctor immediately diagnosed her with strep when she saw it. All this and she was just days from having her wisdom teeth removed and she was swollen, sore and still had four raw wounds with stitches.

The doctor recommended a "horse shot" of antibiotics immediately
along with a bottle of antibiotics for two weeks. 

Home we went
and this continued...

her 102 temp. did not go down, her throat got nastier
and she became more miserable.

I called the doctor on Wednesday, she was put on a steroid for her severe throat issue
and possible wisdom tooth surgery complications. 
Friday morning this started happening....

and it continued to get worse as the day went on...

and it spread...

and she cried

and she was miserable 

and she was READY for it to all be over.

We headed back to the doctor,
they wanted to see her immediately,
but saw a different doctor this time.
He was upset there wasn't a strep test done on Monday
and was obviously disturbed that such a high dose of antibiotics were given without 
a positive strep test. 
He was not happy a blood panel was not done and that a negative finger prick mono test was ignored.
He was very concerned about the scarlet red rash covering her entire body.
He told her to stop taking the antibiotics.

He sent us to 
"The Lab"
for an extensive blood panel...
four tubes.
Too much for someone who had had such a bad week.
I had to scrunch into the little desk beside Brooke.
She wasn't handling it too well, but we got it done.

So it is Sunday,
 our weekend went by and the rash got worse before it finally started to quiet down this afternoon.
The doctor is pretty sure it is a bad case of mono and not strep.
Mono mixed with antibiotics isn't a good thing.
It can result in horrible things like a scarlet red rash.

Brooke has missed going back to school after a month long break, 
her first week back in class and work. 
She is so ready for some normal.
She has recovered from the surgery, that was a piece of cake.
After we get the results from the doctor tomorrow, she should be able to head off to school for her
 last semester of college.
(Oh my!!)
If she does have mono, she will just have to take it slow and one day at a time. 

Thanks Brooke for letting me post these pictures!!!


Lisa Odom said...
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Brooke Odom said...

I'm so glad that horrible rash is gone!!

Anonymous said...

Saying prayers for that beautiful gal of yours. I also have a graduating college student. Where did that four years go????

Kiki Nakita said...

What a journey. Get better :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Good grief! She....and YOU have had it rough!!!!!!!! So sorry!

This American Wife said...

Oh my! I see that even when they grow up, you're still on active mom duty. Good job, Lisa, and way to hang in there, Brooke!