Jan 16, 2013



She had braces twice and combined together,
 for almost four years and now she is finally free!
Just in time for her 16th birthday....which is next week!

This is in the car right before going in the orthodontist's office:

(10th grade)

and here she is after.

She doesn't like these pictures because they are very close up, but I think they are beautiful.
She looks so different to me but,  I kind of miss the braces and
I am really missing my little girl!!

She is loving it.
She has been all smiles since.

We have invested a small fortune in our girls' mouths.
(Oh the palaces I could have gone and things I could have had!)

The first time #3 had braces was back when she was in elementary school.
That time they were making room for all of her teeth and adjusting her jaw while it was still growing. The second time they were correcting/closing her bite and moving her teeth into the right space after creating all of that room.

(Her eleventh birthday)

#2 also had braces twice also.
She was so upset about getting braces while she was in high school.

(10th grade)

 (10th grade)

#1 was the different one and only had to have braces once !

(9th grade)

(9th grade)


So many adjustments and events for us here at our house this January!
This week it was the braces coming off,
next week 
it will be #3 turning 16 and getting her driver's license!!
(I am not ready!)

We did finally get back to a normal school schedule...

we did find out that #2 has mono, but she has gone back to school and actually went
 to her first class today. She also has gone back to work.
She works part time in the store of a local jewlery designer.
She will just have to take care of herself and get plenty of rest.



MCW said...

I was SO happy when I got my braces off. I really regret not wearing my retainer (do they still use them???) because I have one crooked little tooth on the bottom. It was not that way when they came off!

Just Ask Beth said...


Kristal Byrnes said...

She looked great with the braces, but even better without them! She also looked really happy to finally be done with them. I commend you for investing the time and money to get your girls braces. Straight teeth aren't just for aesthetics. They're also very important to our health, because straight teeth means we have better eating habits. I hope your girl has finally seen the last of the braces now though! Does she have to wear retainers?