Nov 1, 2012


This was the first Halloween that Art and I spent alone in twenty-two years.
We were not lonely,
it was very nice.

#1 was at her apartment in Chapel Hill studying for a test.
It is almost abnormal to not roam down Franklin Street on Halloween night.
Just maybe she is growing up?

#2 glued her fangs on and adventured down Hillsborough Street by State's campus. Her Bf came from Chapel Hill to hang out here in Raleigh.

#3 was/is in the mountains of North Carolina...
along with some snow.

The administration of her school chose her and a few others to attend a leadership conference.

Only two from each grade were chosen. 

She is there through the weekend.
It is a great honor and we are very proud of her.
(It was worthy of its own blog post.)

That left Art and I all alone for a few days.
It is a glimpse into our lives in a few years, after #3  goes to college. 

We usually do not get a many trick or treaters because we are at the end of a cul-de-sac...

and at the end of a neighborhood that is wooded and has big lots.
Not too many trick or treaters make it this far.  
That is fine with me.

As soon as Art got home, we turned
out the lights and went out to eat at one of
our favorite restaurants,
Northern Italian food.

It was the best halloween night we've had in a very long time!! 
Ha Ha!

(the "real" broken arm went along with the nerd theme)

Thought I'd share some Halloween pictures throughout the post that I have stored on my lap top.
I wish I would have taken the time to go through the boxes of the older pictures that I have and scanned them.
I need to start posting ahead of time instead of posting from behind.  

some pictures from the past....

(the last time I had the all at a friend)

Lola as a banana split.

Charlie as a hotdog.

Watching for trick or treaters...

hotdog down....

So now that we have Halloween over with,
according to the malls, shopping centers and grocery stores,
it is time to throw out the pumpkins and drag out the Christmas stuff. 

Merry Thanksgiving?


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Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats to Daughter #3 what a honor. It's weird to have holidays without kids around...empty nest is nice and different! Have a wonderful weekend!