Nov 19, 2012


We had a pretty uneventful weekend here.
(Does everyone one say "pretty" or is that just a southern thing?)

Art had shoulder surgery on Thursday and he has been at home
bothering me recovering. 
The surgery went well and he is in very little pain. He is just immobilized
for a month or so....

....except for the hand he talks with.

His company sent him flowers and I thought it was so 
ironic that Bubbles was infatuated with the cattails.  
We can't get him to leave them alone!

Barrett's  (#3) school has the entire week off for Thanksgiving so Friday 
when she got home she just wanted to sit and enjoy the feeling of having NOTHING to do.

We decided to take up knitting the other week and are finding it to be a fun thing to learn to do together.
It is amazing just what you can learn to do via YouTube.
She sat in front of the TV Friday night with her tiara on knitting.

She is a teacher's assistant for one period at her school for a first grade class and it was a little girl's birthday.  The mom brought in cupcakes and goodie bags with tiaras in them for the girls.
I miss the cupcake and goodie bag days! I am so thankful that #3 goes to a school where they still allow birthdays to be celebrated.

They also have  FCA lunch every week and I go and volunteer.
(Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
I love it!

#2 had her sorority semi-formal Friday.
Those sorority girls are always looking for a reason to need a new dress!
She and BF2 looked great as well as her roommates.

Everyone was home on Sunday and as you can tell from the pictures,
it was a very casual occasion.

We cooked dinner.
Roasted chicken, garlic, potatoes, carrots, Italian sausage and grapes with fresh rosemary.
It is a great aroma to have in your house when it is cold and windy outside. 
A lot of time while we cook, we sit my laptop on the counter and watch an old movie.

We watched Bridget Jones's Diary.
Barrett had never seen it before and she was more interested in it than anything else.  

This picture makes me laugh.  
#1 is so dramatic and animated when she talks.
She was having a "normal" conversation in this picture with #2..... she threw her head back
this far saying "Ohhhhh".  

Somebody snuck a picture of me......
glad it was only the one!

We are getting our thoughts and things together for Thanksgiving week.
We will be decorating for Christmas, heading to the beach and having an oyster roast. 

Tis the season!


MCW said...

There is always a need for a perfect new dress! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Just Ask Beth said...

love her dress.. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Joyce said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish my girls were close enough to pop home for dinner every now and then. They'll both be here tonite for five whole days and I can't wait! Enjoy your oyster roast!

Tami said...

Glad to see your hubby is doing okay. I'm from the North East and we say "pretty" a lot!
All the girls are beautiful.