Nov 6, 2012


It is a big day at our house!  

First of all it is election day of course.
Our family is very political. We discuss politics a lot
and are all involved in several organizations.
I have been volunteering at the county office and have spent a lot of time there the past month especially. 

I love being involved, but most importantly I love being very knowledgeable and being an informed voter. 

I am working at the polls in a few hours.
I will be observing  the process and making sure all the rules are being followed. 
My husband is there now and I will be relieving him. 
We do what we can.

It doesn't really bother me who anyone votes for, 
I am respectful of everyone's (informed) opinion
 and just ask the same in return.


election day is not the only thing happening in our house today!!!

It is #1's birthday!
She is 23 today!

Actually, she will turn 23 at 5:04 PM this evening. 

We have dinner plans with the family, including the two BFs.
After that we will come home for cake and presents. 

I am so proud of my birthday girl!

Details of her birthday later this week!


Carrie B said...

Good for you, for your volunteering!

Happy Birthday to #1 I swear these kids just keep gettimg older while we stay the same age!


Joyce said...

Hope her birthday was happy. The election results were anything but : (