Nov 8, 2012


Happy Birthday Brittany!
She turned 23 on Tuesday, Election Day.
Mondays and Tuesdays are her really long days at school.
She has twelve hour shifts each day.
On Monday's she is on the maternity floor at a hospital and then on Tuesday mornings
 she has to drive out of town to another hospital.
When her shift was over Tuesday she drove home to Raleigh so that we could celebrate her birthday. 

She was tired when she got here, but looked cute in her scrubs!

We went out to eat at a great little restaurant, 

I had the seafood and grits and it was delicious!

Both of the BFs were able to join us.
BF2 (left) drove from Chapel Hill and BF1 (right) lucked out because he lives just around the corner form the restaurant.

We all shared the birthday dessert...

pecan caramel pie with pumpkin gelato!

We hurried home to watch the election results and for even yet more dessert!
I made a Hummingbird Cake, a traditional southern recipe.
My grandmother used to make them when I was little. 
Her's were a lot prettier than mine though.
I am not sure what happened to my icing, maybe the weather, but it definitely was not 
"light and fluffy" as the recipe said it would be. 
Mine was thin and drippy!

It wouldn't be a birthday at the Odom house without a picture with 
our notebook paper sign!

 #3 did homework while gifts were open

Lola gave #1 a little birthday snuggle!  

We sat around and watched the election results afterwards.

I was glad that #1 did not have class on Wednesday and she was able to sleep in 
and spend some time at home. 
She headed back to school early this morning, 
older and hopefully rested! 


Joyce said...

I haven't made Hummingbird cake in a long time, but I do know mine never looks as pretty as my mom's!

Happy Birthday to #1

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I love Glenwood Grill! Glad you all were able to get together during the week. We do paper signs for the first day of school. :-)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! 23 years! Love the cake and your traditions! Have a wonderful weekend!