Oct 30, 2012


Picture overload of #3 coming up.....

It was homecoming week at Barrett's school last week.
Everyday was a different themed dress up day.

Disney Day

Sports Team Day

Circus Day

Thursday was neon day and I for some reason did not take a picture of Barrett.
Art was out of town and after getting up, dressed, walking the dogs, feeding the hungry grumpy girl, making her lunch and so on...  all before the 6:30AM SHARP departure time, I guess I just forgot.

By the way...

this is what it looks like on our way to school....
Could it be any darker?

The same thing happened on Friday, but that was just 
"Wear Your School Colors Day".
Navy and gold aren't so interesting. 

Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance.
But before that.....

We had a full day Saturday.
We got up EARLY to head to Chapel Hill for the big rival game between 
NC State and UNC Chapel Hill....
another early morning.

We took tailgate food to #1's apartment.
She is just a block away from the stadium.
She, BF1 (her boyfriend), Brooke (#2) , BF2 (#2's boyfriend), #3 and the hubs and I munched and then separated and went our separate ways to the  game. 

Art, Barrett and I had to rush home to Raleigh early because of the homecoming dance. 
Thank goodness, Chapel Hill is only 30 minutes away from Raleigh.

An hour and a half later....

#3 cleans up well!

After a few pictures at home, we went to a friends house for group pictures.

After pictures.... the girls had to spend some time cleaning their shoes.
The lawn was well aerated after all of the pictures!

Five parents carpooled all of the kids to the dance and a different group went to pick them up at 11:30
and brought them all home. 

She had a great time, but was so tired and her feet hurt!

We are so blessed to have such a great group of parents to work with and feel even more blessed that Barrett has such a great group of friends.  


Carrie B said...

Really cute pictures! So it looks like bow ties are 'in' in the South.

MCW said...

Well hello! Such creative "days" ours were so boring when I was in high school.

#3 looks beautiful!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow she has really grown up, looks so beautiful in her dress and all her friends. Love the spirit week outfits!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I love #3's dress! She looked great. I love the bow ties, too. I did not love the outcome of the NC State-UNC game though. What a way to blow it at the end. Ugh!