Oct 15, 2012


It is time to dump some of my iphone photos.
Here are some from the weekend.

The weather here in Raleigh was perfect on Friday 
Charlie and Lola
could not get enough of it.
Charlie loves to "sunbathe" until he gets too hot and then he comes inside the house and sprawls out over the air conditioning vent.
Once he is cool again, out he goes to start the process over.

Lola was impressed with the her shadow.
There can never be too many Lolas in the world! 

Bubbles was more impressed with the shopping bag on the counter!

I picked up #3 from school on Friday,

 we drove across town to get Art 
and then we made our way to the beach for the weekend. 

Two and a half hours later, we crossed over the bridge as the sun was setting.

It is very quiet there now and it is especially quiet in our house with just the three of us.
I love it when everyone is home, in Raleigh and at the beachhouse, but I have grown to like the stillness when the two older girls are away at school too.
("like" not "love")
I know that Barrett would like more company, but she is a trooper when she is hanging out with just her mom and dad. 

She really can't complain.
We went to the outlet stores in Myrtle Beach on Saturday morning
and she ended up with a full  j. crew bag 
and this.....

her homecoming dress.

On the way back to Ocean Isle we stopped by the Shrimp Festival.
WOW - talk about an interesting mix of people....
and I will just keep it at that because I don't have a lot of nice things to say.

The food was good though.
Of course we ate shrimp.
I had shrimp kabobs, Barrett had coconut shrimp and Art ate a shrimp cake. 

We sat under the trees while we ate.
I love tress with Spanish Moss.
So southern!

We got back to Raleigh as the sun was setting last night and both of the older girls were already here.
Sunday night is family night here and trust me, that was the end of the quiet weekend.
Everyone was up early this morning, out of the house and headed back to school.
I'm already looking forward to doing all again!

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