Oct 2, 2012


Okay, so here it goes. It is time for me to play catch up.  I am not sure I even remember how to do this. 
Blogger definitely looks different.

 Where do I begin?
An entire summer has gone by and fall is well on its way, but, good grief,
 it felt like July outside today!

Summer was G.R.E.A.T.
We spent a lot of time together as a family...
at the beach, 
by the pool, 
at the gym, 
around the table,
in front of the TV watching the Olympics
and so on.

I am overwhelmed, but
I guess I will just jump in with a lot of pictures from the summer
and will probably feel like I need to do this a few times since this is my "family scrapbook".

We got a lot checked off of our To Do list at the beach except for window treatments actually hung.
I am still waiting for a certain husband to do that.
I refinished a few tables, got some blinds installed and
rearranged the bedrooms.

We finally invited family and friends to the beach.

This is Art and Carlos cleaning the kitchen.
Carlos is the best kind of friend to invite to the beach.... he does dishes!!

Charlie wore his visor to the July 4th parade.

Lola wasn't going to be out done and wore her "twirls" almost the entire day.

Charlie got a lot of attention because he took over my chair. 
I lost count of how many people stopped to take pictures of him and Lola
while we sat there waiting for the parade.  

I added to my shell collection.
I found all of these in one day! 
I almost have a big glass lamp filled!

Those that did not treasure hunt watched Netflix or read all day.

I tricked Brooke into going on a little bike ride early one morning.
I forgot to mention it was over eight miles with a headwind.

We had lots of girl time...while the husband ignored us and worked on  his phone.

We went to the first wedding of one of our girl's childhood friends. 
It was outside.... July.....outside.....and over 100 degrees....outside.
I am still recovering!

Brooke, went to London by herself...

and navigated Heathrow, customs, the Tube and the streets 
all by herself with two pieces of heavy luggage!
I was  nervous and proud!

She also took a quick trip here...

and then went back to London before heading home. 

Brittany spent her summer in school.
Luckily, it is only 30 minutes away and so she was back and forth a lot. 
She spent her nursing rotation on the long term rehab floor and definitely knows that is not the area 
she wants to work in once she is finished with nursing school. 

Bubbles escaped the house as often as he could to stake out
the fern that had the baby birds in it.
He is not very inconspicuous.
He needs a little work.

My mom's flowers were beautiful this summer.
My dad couldn't stop talking about them.
I cannot believe she has been gone for two and a half years.

I (we) had to say good-bye to another big part of my childhood.
My Aunt Sue (my dad's sister) passed away. 
I got to tell her good-bye.
She told me it was "time to go see Barbara" (my mom).
I gave her two big kisses.
I told her one was for her
the other was for my mom.
She smiled
and said she would deliver it. 
THAT makes me smile.

I haven't even posted any of the 1,000 pictures of Art and I's trip to Italy.
It was a beautiful trip 
and I cannot wait to share it!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow what a wonderful fun filled summer! So sorry about your aunt.

carolinagirl said...

l loved this recap!

i still have tears reading about your aunt. i lost my dad 4 years ago. it still hurts. he was only 56.

you have such beautiful girls, and i know you are so proud of them!