Dec 12, 2009


My mom went to Duke on Wednesday to get her second chemo treatment but her white blood count was down and so she was not able to get it. She has lost more weight, she is down to 105 pounds. You can imagine how weak she is. Her doctor told her she had to eat and eat and eat. She just isn't hungry and feels really bad. If would please pray for her strength and appetite, maybe we could all pray about 20 pounds onto her. That would be the biggest blessing.

We are still trying to get into the Christmas spirit at our house. Instead of decorating our house in one weekend like we usually do, we have had to do a little at a time and not put everything out. I am not putting out my Christmas village or our fairy tree in the living room. The girls haven't really realized that yet, but as soon as they do I know they will be disappointed.

I just thought I'd share some of our decorations around the house. Every year I do things a little differently . I have a big Santa collection and this year I split them up and scattered them around the house instead of putting them all together.

This is in the foyer....

I made this wreath out of little wooden ornaments and buttons.
I hang it in my kitchen window.

My favorite manger!
#3 made this in preschool and it is so precious to me.
I may not have one of those wooden mangers from Germany, but I have this one!

The tree in the dining room is all gold.
I am still wrestling with the lights. They seem to have a mind of their own this year.
Everyday a different section decides to go out.

I have a lot of plaques with Christmas sayings on them, but this one has to be my favorite.......

If only I had some elves....................



Basement Bags Girl said...

Lisa, your girls are beautiful! Your house looks fab. I don't even have a tree up yet. So sorry your Mom is so sick, much blog love to y'all. I want some elves too...the sewing kind!

MCW said...

Thinking of your mom...I know this is random but, I heard that medical pot helps with the eating thing in cancer patients. But, I guess it may be kind of weird to see you mom smoking!

And your house looks great! Love the Santa collection.

Betsy said...

I am praying for your mom. It's hard to stay positive and jolly when someone you love is so sick. Your decorations are so cute. I love them! I think we could all use some elves right about now!

linda said...

We just aren't in the holiday spirit at my house either. I did hobble around a little bit last night and today and got a few things done. Still don't even have a tree up yet. I hoping when my daughter comes home next week she'll do it for me.

Hope your mom feels better soon. I'll keep her in my prayers.

southerninspiration said...

Lisa, I haven't done as much this year fact, no tree yet. I have several garlands, but no tree yet. We were going to get it today, but it was raining, and hubby didn't want to bring a wet tree in....s'ok with me! I'll say a prayer for your sweet mamma....bless her heart. I hope she has an appetite SOON!


preppyplayer said...

Your girls are stunning, beautiful photo.
I too am holding back on some of the decorations I have amassed all these years. That manger is the type decoration I want, meaningful, simple and loved.

Glad your Mom is recieving treatment at such a top notch place.