Dec 2, 2009


I have been so busy and have been on the road a lot lately I have hardly checked my email, let alone post on my blog. I hope you guys are hanging in there and not giving up on me.

I am busy with my mom and just trying to get the holidays under control.
We put our Christmas tree up on Sunday morning before church.
I made all of the kids get up early and help out and no, they were not too happy about that.
Today, I turned the lights on and low and behold, the lights in the middle of the tree are not working.
It is a lovely sight.
(Sounds like a job for the Man of the House!)

Since I last posted just a week ago I:
  • found out that I am too stressed and am clenching my jaw while I sleep. I have "upset" and inflamed some of my teeth. So now I have a night guard to wear at night. Imagine me, too stressed right now! HA! Hopefully they will heal and I won't have to have a root canal.
  • went to help and be with my mom four times. It is only an hour and half away, but it sure does take a lot out of someone.
  • stayed up half the night last week making casseroles to put in the freezer for #1 to take back to school with her and to take to my parent's house.
  • went to Duke University Hospital three times with my parents. It is thirty minutes away from my house (thank goodness) and two hours away from my parent's house. I meet them there except for yesterday. My dad had an appointment yesterday so I drove an hour and a half to get my mom and then drove back to Duke (2 hours) and checked them into their hotel room and sat there until my dad got there and then drove back to my house.
  • went shopping at 6AM on black Friday with the Man of the House and walked out of Sears the proud new owner of a new fridge, washer and dryer. When the Man of the House wants to go shopping, you go, no matter the time. I just made sure and got it in writing that it was NOT getting him off the hook as far as Christmas goes. I do not do appliances for Christmas! :)
  • took #3 to the orthopedists to get her cast off. It was starting to smell so we were happy about that. She was so excited about getting to take a shower without a plastic bag over her arm. She stayed in there forever!
  • started my Christmas shopping. I am usually done the first of December and spend the rest of the month doing "fun" holiday things. I am feeling a little panicky. I feel like I am behind and so unorganized. I am planning to spend the next few days catching up.
  • went to the UNC - NC State football game. Our tailgating is over for the year. It is a rival game for our state and for our house. #1 is a UNC student and #2 is a State student.
Here are some pictures from Saturday.
#1's BF is a State student too.
He's been hanging around our house for over three years now.

This is not the best picture of all of us.
I tried to edit out the bags under my eyes, but I think I made them worse.

Me and my State girl.


We have been tailgating with the same group of friends for over five years.
Someone brought these pastries from a local french bakery and
they were still steaming when they put them out.

Our good friend Ron made shrimp and grits on his grill.
It was delicious too!

I can't wait until next season!

So other than all of that, there's not much going on!


MCW said...

I think you and your girl's are just beautiful.
Sorry you have been running around so much...I think we all go through stages where that is out life.
Happy holidays!

southerninspiration said...

you will get it all done....but it if you don't, don't stress and just chalk it up for being a difficult year!! you've been stretched in so many ways! Take it easy and try to relax...and enjoy!
Your girls are gorgeous!


Carrie B said...

Wow, I'd be clenching my teeth too with all that!

That's a great picture of all of you, totally a Christmas card shot!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Your girls are beautiful!!! Yes, I do believe your plate has been full. Don't worry we will all be here for you. I have not posted on my blog in months. I have misplaced my camera cord and I have just been too busy. I'll get back to it soon, I hope. I have been reading and commenting, just not posting. Oh well, never enough hours in the day. I am up now at 1:30am reading blogs. Gotta get to bed. Love & blessings from NC!

Frau said...

Wow you have been busy..You are a good daughter to be there so much for your parents especially being a busy mom yourself. I hope your parents health improves. It's really tough to be our age and have our parents aging it's something I never thought would happen for a long time (considering the denial of my age). Prayers to you! Hang in there and be strong! Your pictures of the game everyone looks so pretty hubby too! You look great!

linda said...

Well, don't feel bad, you're not alone! I'm waaayyy behind and feeling panicky myself! I broke my ankle Thanksgiving weekend and that put a stop to my decorating. Glad to hear that #3 got her cast off. It's no fun, I certainly agree!

I hope things settle down with your parents. It's such a heartache for you I know.

Preppy 101 said...

Whew honey! Take a few deep breaths. Do something nice for yourself. Darling pics. xoxo