Dec 17, 2009


I am a little late at joining the party!!!

First an update on my mom:

I went to Duke University yesterday to meet my parents there.
My mother had a doctor's appointment and chemo.
There was some good news. She gained almost four pounds last week.
The medication they gave her to increase her appetite helped.

She was able to get her chemo treatment this week because the eating helped with
her blood count. She still is so weak and frail. She isn't walking anymore, she is in a wheelchair. She is not the same person she was just two
months ago. I watched her sleep as she was receiving her treatment and just watched that medication drip from that bag and through that line that is connected to her port.
It is a picture I will carry with me forever.
The little room was silent, but that drip was the loudest sound I have ever heard.

My mom's 70th birthday is tomorrow, yeah, bitter sweet.
We were planning on going to visit, but we are expecting some icy roads tomorrow and
am not sure if we will be able to go.
I will feel so guilty if I do not see her tomorrow.


I thought I'd add to the Christmas house tours.
Can you believe that next week, at this time, it will be Christmas Eve?
I can hardly believe it.
Christmas is my favorite time of year, but this year it really has become a blur.
That's okay.
I am just staying focused of the true meaning of Christmas.

I gave this statue of a Saint Bernard to The Man of The House
for Father's Day in memory of Cleo.
We put it in Cleo's spot outside by the front steps.

my tree in the family room

some of the ornaments.....

love this snowman!

I have my girls' and all of my pets' paw prints on the tree.
I make a salt dough that you bake and paint and make ornaments.
This is Muffin's paw print. She was one of our West Highland Terriers we had before having kids.
She lived to be 18 and Nicholas, the other Westie, lived to be 17.
I love when I unpack these ornaments!

the mantle in the family room

I have a lot of Santas and elves hanging around the house.

Christmas dishes

nothing formal here.... just casual and fun!!

the dining room

I have a tree in the dining room that is gold. The angel in the background was made by one of the girls. It's body is a feather and I LOVE how it flutters all day long.
It is holding a nail to symbolize the cold manger made of wood and nails where Jesus was born and also of the cross and nails where Jesus died.

yep, awkward picture of the tree

I also posted some decorations the other day of the foyer and some of my Santas.

Hope you enjoyed!!



Joyce said...

I loved seeing your decorations...your tree top looks alot like mine. I'm hoping to post some pics of decorations here...also on my to do list. I did mail you something today which should get there Monday, hopefully all in one piece : )

My husband painted the pool room while I was in France and we love it...we used your color and it looks great. I'll take some pics if I ever get out from under my to do list. Thanks for the info!

Happy Birthday to your mom...hoping you don't have icy roads and can visit. I'm sure she understands if the weather is bad. Take care!

MCW said...

Glad the meds helped :)

Your house looks so lovely...a cozy place for your girls to come home to!

Frau said...

Lisa I hope your Mom has a wonderful birthday. I'm happy she is gaining weight. I know it's hard to see her go through this and the pain involved. I pray for you and your family. I hope the holidays are joyous and peaceful.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Happy Birthday to your mother. I watched a friend go thru that and she looked like death at times. Now, she is the picture of health and back to herself. There is hope. I pray for your mother every time I read your post.

Your home is beautiful and I LOVE the red reindeer dishes.

Preppy 101 said...

Love your decorations!! I understand what you are saying about seeing someone you love so sick and frail. I really do. xoxo