Dec 5, 2009




is the big day.
We are taking our Christmas card picture(s).
#1 is home from school this weekend to work on her nursing school application
and #2 will be home in the morning.
I have to tell you, I do not know how you moms who have kids in college hours away do it.
Both of mine are about thirty minutes away
(opposite direction)
and I love how they can come home if they need to.
Sometimes they come home just to study.
They say the distractions aren't as tempting at home as they are at school.
All day today I had to pop #1's knuckles with a yardstick (just kidding) to keep her working,
so I don't think the distractions are fewer, they just know mama will keep them straight.

I thought I'd show you some Christmas card pictures from the past....
the good, the bad and the ugly.


I have a lot of old things from my deceased relatives, especially hats.
These coats belonged to my mother's cousin Marti, she was my favorite relative growing up.
She was always dressed up and she smelled so good.
You always knew when she walked into the room,
you could smell her and hear her.
The hats were Martis's and my grandmother's.
I have a cedar closet full of hatboxes!!

We decided to do a vintage themed card last year.

The older girls started to argue about who had the cuter hat and so I took this picture of #3 and threatened to do a card with just her if they didn't pipe down.

We also took a few pictures in normal clothes.
Last year we had two different cards..... the vintage look and normal look.

Be still my heart.......
there is my sweet baby Cleo.
I still cannot believe she is gone.


Don't you love it!
#2 (the graphic design student) spent hours cutting everyone/everypet
out on the computer and pasting them onto the stack of peppermints.
We just piled up a BIG stack of peppermints on the kitchen table and took individual pictures of everyone.
Bubbles the cat doesn't stand out that much, but he is in there too!
We also had the idea of "hanging" everyone from a limb of the Christmas tree,
but didn't get to that.


I am afraid we did use these as our Christmas pictures.
We made a collage out of a lot of different "ugly" pictures.


I edited out their undies in on the Christmas card. I strategically placed
ornaments in front of them.

We always have tears!



Love makes the world go round!

more tears.......

I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow.

One thing is for sure
There will be tears, an argument and some threatening going on!



southerninspiration said...

Fun to look back, and your girls could NEVER do an ugly photo, they are just all so cute! I'm sure tomorrow will be fun. How nice that they are that close....
Take care!

Loved all the vintage clothes!

linda said...

So funny! Good luck with the pictures tomorrow. I'm sure they'll be gorgeous!

We too have years and years of pictures for previous cards but now I can't seem to get my two kids in the same room for a Christmas photo. They're always home at different times. So sad!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

We have had some crazy shots in the past too. There is always lots of drama going on while taking the pictures. Remember the days before digital cameras when you had to take tons of pictures just to be sure you had one good one for the Christmas card? In earlier pictures, the girls would wear their Christmas themed clothes! I can also remember taking pictures in the freezing cold weather. That might be you all tomorrow. BRRR!!! Good luck with your pictures. With 3 beautiful girls like yours, the pictures will be wonderful!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Frau said...

I love them all, it's fun to see how they changed year to year. Your girls are so beautiful! I love the vintage one from last year. The individual picture of #3 gorgeous! Good luck I hope it goes well.

Joyce said...

Well good luck with that is all I have to say. We had this great idea to have my sister in law take a picture while she was here over Thanksgiving...she's a photographer. i don't know what it is but the planned shoots never turn out like I anticipate. The weather was not cooperating, blah blah blah. She got a couple of pretty good ones but in the end I used a snapshot of my daughters that I took spur of the moment on the day...they both look relaxed and happy and I like it.

I love all the vintage cute!

Preppy 101 said...

Can't wait to hear about the photo shoot! Your girls are just beautiful! xoox

Carrie B said...

Your girls are so pretty! It appears that for the most part they cooperate. My boys aren't the most patient when it's picture time. Ugh.
These give me inspiration though. :)