Dec 24, 2009


Just a few little things on Christmas Eve:

It wouldn't feel like Christmas without that last minute trip to Walmart or Target.
The Man of the House and I headed out around nine this morning to go buy pajamas.
I DID already buy the girls their Christmas jammies for tonight (several weeks ago), but when I was wrapping them the other night, I held them up and realized that they were too little for them.
I was NOT going back to the mall today, to go the Gap, to exchange them......
Targe' will have to do!

This was the scene in the kitchen at 2 this afternoon.
The princesses had not dressed yet, but they were helping me in the kitchen.

We are cooking food to take my parent's house tomorrow and making our "party" food for tonight.
I am full (miserable) already just from nibbling!

I love finding "new" clever things for Christmas.
You all may have seen this before, but it was something new for me and it
made me smile.
I found this potpourri at a gift store the other day.
It smells like Christmas trees and it has "Santa Things" in it.

There is a Santa sack, a naughty list, a good list, belt,

hat, candy cane, red socks.....

Like I said.... it is the little things that make me smile!

Merry Christmas Friends!

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Okiegirl said...

Cute Christmas potpouri. Merry Christmas & have a safe trip to visit your parents. We're having a VERY, VERY White Christmas here in Oklahoma!