Feb 3, 2009


I haven't really accomplished a lot the past few days. I seem to wander in circles and just move things around. I did manage to go to the grocery store and because I didn't take my list in with me, I seem to wander around there too!  I bet I made four loops around the store. I was feeling very unorganized! I kind of like the grocery store when I've menu planned and have taken inventory, but today I just couldn't get it together. The one thing I really dislike, is having to put all of the stuff away once it is home. I think I would pay someone to do that! I'm just glad I have something to cook for dinner now!

Over the weekend #2's cheerleading team competed in the state's championship. She is the captain of her school's varsity team now and she use to be on a  competitive team that traveled all over the east coast. (She gave that up when it started to interfere with her school dances....she couldn't stand not buying the dresses!)  #2 wasn't able to compete because she was injured back in November while stunting. She is still nursing a swollen ankle and was told (today) by her orthopedist if she doesn't wear her brace she will end of needing surgery. She cannot wear shoes with the brace on and so there is the dilemma for her. All of those cute outfits don't go with sneakers and a ankle brace! 

I cannot count how many miles we traveled to competitions over the years. I cannot imagine adding up all of the hours we spent at the gym. I love watching her compete and was hoping to see her do her thing one more time before graduating and moving on. It was a little sad watching her team without her and watching her walk out with the coach and become a spectator. Sort of isn't fair that that last time was taken away from us.

this is her watching

Here a few pictures and video from the past. I somehow managed to get the video on here but can't figure out how to move it around so I guess I will have to work around it.  It was taken from a camera (videos cameras were not allowed) so the quality is poor. I'm gonna miss this!


We love Friday night football!

she's the one on top on the left

There is one more competition this weekend (and we also somehow have to be at a soccer tournament for #3 in Charlotte) so once more she will have to cheer her cheerleading team on. 


Jane! said...

My youngest's high school team is going to nationals in CA next month. She's excited. I'm nervous.
She has played many sports and was good at most of them but has never loved anything as much as cheerleading. And don't try to tell her it's not a sport.
I would be happier if she didn't fly, though.

Preppy 101 said...

The pics are amazing! I honestly see more injuries from the cheerleading team than the football team :-) maybe not really , but you know what I mean. When I taught high school, the cheerleaders were always nursing some really painful injury - usually a result of stunting/practicing for competition. Is your daughter interested in cheering in college??

Frau said...

Pictures are amazing, really pretty talanted young lady. It's got to be so hard to sit on the sidelines and watch when you have worked so hard. I hope she wears her brace and her injury heals soon.