Feb 24, 2009


We are three days into our trip to Hawaii. We are still adjusting to the five hour time difference. We are ready to go to bed before 9:oo and come three AM we start to wake up. About the time we get it down.....we will be heading home. 

We left  NC at 9:00 AM and had about a 2 1/2 hour flight to Dallas. Our flight out of Dallas was  delayed for four hours! We were prepared for 1 1/2 hour delay and after we landed we were told there was a mechanical problem and we would have to sit around and enjoy the Dallas airport the entire afternoon. At 4:00 PM we were headed to Oahu, on a eight hour flight. Let me tell you, it was the most miserable flight I have ever been on. We were tired after sitting in Dallas for so long and I had come down with a head cold the day before and my ears ached and roared the entire time. I also have been having lower back problems that after sitting for several hours, traveled down into my hip and I could not sit still. (I'm not old enough for all of these aches and pains!) Talk about looking and feeling rough when we got here. 

Our hotel is really nice. We are staying in a brand new tower at the Hilton and it is beautifully decorated. We must have looked pitiful when we got here because they upgraded us from a one bedroom suite to a two bedroom. We have a washer and dryer so I won't have to take back dirty clothes. That makes me happy! 

Sunday we rode around the windward side of the island and down to the south end. It is beautiful! Everyone here is so nice and we feel safe just riding around and stopping at things we want to look at. (So much better than any of the Caribbean Islands that I've been to and sooooooo much better than Puerto Rico.) We stopped at a lookout point and actually saw whales. That gave me goose bumps. We couldn't see much, but they would surface just enough for us to see them and then I guess they were catching their breathe because water would spray up into the air. Pretty cool!! 

Monday was sunny and warm. We sat on the beach at our hotel. #2 wants a lot of sun because she has a school dance the week after we get back home. We really needed the down time too! The girls tried to paddle board, is that what it is called? Whatever it is called, they did so good, they never got wet. 

We are a little disappointed in the weather, it is cooler than we expected and today was cloudy. It has been in the low 70's today. We really wanted to sit in the sun today while The Man of the House was at his meeting but it was too cold and there wasn't any sun!!! (BOO!) So we took the trolley to the mall. They had the best ever J Crew store there. It was tropical themed. A lot of cute stuff in there!

Now we are at the hotel. #3 has school work to do. It is so hard for her to sit down and concentrate on math and history, but she has to do it everyday or she will be so behind when we get back. It is hard for me to remember to make her sit and do school work too!

Not sure what we are doing for dinner, but I know it will be good!!!! Aloha!!


Preppy 101 said...

Have the Most fun ever!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Have a wonderful trip!!! I have never been to Hawaii, but I would love to go sometime. I hope your flight home goes smoother. Love & blessings from NC!

Frau said...

Enjoy! If your going to have a cold what better place. I hope it warms up. Relax and have a drink with an umbrella for me.