Feb 19, 2009


  1. pack for myself
  2. pack for #3
  3. ride #2 all day until she packs
  4. make #2 unpack half of the stuff she packs!!!
  5. go to grocery store and get snacks, meds., cat-food, waterproof disposable camera.......
  6. laundry
  7. clean the house (neighbors will be feeding cat and coming inside!)
  8. clean out fridge (don't want to come home to a science experiment growing in the fridge!)
  9. gather all chargers, cords, i-pods, batteries, card readers, cases, .......
  10. pedicure? Will I have time or end up doing it myself at 10 tonight?
  11. do #3's nails
  12. haircut at 7:30 tonight (bad planning on my part)
  13. talk to teachers
  14. spray tan? (do I want to go to Hawaii white or orange? I cannot decide! HA!)
  15. sit and watch Man of the House pack (he insists)  - reassure him that khaki and navy still match this week, just like they matched last week
  16. make sure all of my shows are scheduled to record
  17. buy wedding gift
  18. write instructions for neighbors
  19. go see my aunt in the hospital
  20. take back movies, buy movies for plane (?)
  21. empty camera card
  22. go to basketball game tonight and tomorrow night
  23. get #3 to soccer and back home while I am suppose to be getting my haircut AND at a basketball game (hmmm!)
  24. organize the pantry (the neighbors.... remember?)
  25. empty cat box
  26. go to the chiropractor (why did I put this off? my lower back is killing me!)
  27. gym? I would feel soooo much better if I went.
  28. and so on...............

M.O.T.H. - "TO DO" LIST:
  1. pack - it takes him all of 20 minutes!
  2. question me when I tell him navy and khaki go together
  3. ask me if I called the neighbors, remembered all of the "cords", got snacks for the plane, picked up his prescription, .......
  4. I'll let you know!


Frau said...

OMG have fun....great list! My husband is the same way too funny!
Have a safe trip and enjoy the sun!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love lists too. My lists even have lists. LOL!!! Where would we be without our lists? Enjoy your trip. I have never been to Hawaii. I know you will have an awesome time. Love & blessings!

The Gonzalez Family said...

Hi - you recently left a comment on our blog about coming to Hawaii and I apologize for not responding sooner! I'm trying to juggle my three kids and just downsizing to a one bedroom in Waikiki! I love it. Are you here already? Please e-mail me at Teach4God@yahoo.com and I can tell you all about the good local spots!

Mary Moore said...

Yikes!! Have a greeeat time!!

justabeachkat said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comment. I hope you'll visit me again. It's so much fun getting to meet other bloggers. I've had fun here at your beautiful blog. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Hawaii and I had to chuckle over this post since we seem to have the same "issues" with packing and how our husbands do it. LOL

I love the look of your blog. Love the diamonds. Did you design it? Love the colors too.