Feb 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I am still here, just busy as usual. We are going to Hawaii in a week and as you know it is incredibly time consuming to get a family ready to go out of town. Princess #3 has been in the fertilizer again and has grown in every direction. She literally has NOTHING to wear in warm weather, including shoes. Everything she wore last summer is now a Goodwill donation. 

You know how you plan to read only a blog or two and before you know it you are lost somewhere in blogland reading forever? Well, I have been lost in "itunes land" the last few days. Long story short, I am creating my own library on my computer (apple) because the rest of my family shares a library on our "house" computer (non apple) and I wanted my ipod to work with my computer. So I had to delete everything on my ipod and start a new account and start from scratch. So I have been spending my blog time getting that all organized, putting cds into my library and shopping for new music. I am trying to get this done before leaving next week. I have decided that anything  you do on the computer is addicting!! 

If anyone has been to Hawaii (Oahu) and have any tips, please let me know!! The Man of the House has a conference there and there was no way we were letting him go without us!!!! We leave next Saturday. 

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Preppy 101 said...

Haven't been to Hawaii - my AS and BDIL have been twice! All I know is that it is too beautiful for words!! Happy Valentine's Day - Good luck getting your i-Tunes all organized! I am the same way!!