Jan 30, 2009


I was tagged many days ago by All Things Southern and Preppy  to tell six things about myself. I am sorry it has taken me so long to sit down and do this.  I've had a couple of bad and busy weeks and the times I've posted something, I just didn't want to blog about myself . I am ready now, I'm going for it!  So, six things about me...?  Hmmmmmm

1. If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me that I looked like Shirley MacClaine I'd have a small fortune. Now mind you, she is 75 and I am 44!!!!!  So when I  hear this, this  is what I picture and THIS is what she is looking like these days:

(notice that this version comes with its own bottle of wine)

The majority of the people that I am approached by are all older and they usually start back peddling  when they see my eyes well up. They usually start to clarify......."young Shirley MacClaine, REALLY YOUNG Shirley MacClaine".  I don't really see it, but it happens too often to be a fluke. You decide. My kids think it has something to do with the mouth and the expressions I make. I don't really have pictures of my "expressions" though.

2.  I might possibly have an addiction to magazines. I cannot get past the checkout at Target or the grocery store without one. I love decorating magazines the most but there are a few fashion ones (Lucky) that I have trouble saying no to. I have tried to limit myself to just one a week, but it isn't really working. I do read them all, cover to cover. Also, I have a cabinet of Southern Living and Traditional Home that go way back. I love a good cold dreary day when I can get a stack of the old ones and make some hot tea. (I might be addicted to hot tea too!!)

3. I went on a 17 day riverboat cruise in Europe down the Danube River, 1 1/2 years ago. I went with my parents and other relatives and was the youngest one on the ship, oops, I mean barge. We started in Budapest, Hungary and ended up in Amsterdam. Austria and Germany were beautiful! 

Home Sweet Home

4. I have a little OCD in me. I can't pay attention to someone if my surroundings aren't just right! If there are books, magazines or whatever not stacked up all nice and square, largest to smallest or if they are not fanned out just right I get a little antsy. Even the pile of junk mail sitting on the counter has to organized. It DRIVES ME CRAZY to walk into the pantry, after "someone" has put the groceries away, and  see the cans and boxes not all organized, lined up, facing the same direction and turned just right. I want everything displayed, just like at a store. Don't get me started on the fridge and people not putting things in their assigned spot.

5. If I had to choose one type of food to eat everyday for the rest of my life I would choose sushi. I've never met a roll I didn't like. My favorite roll is the Piano Roll. It has shrimp, crab and avocado on it. Yum!

6. Speaking of food: I have raised three children that are not picky eaters at all. They all like everything and are well rehearsed  about menus and ethnic food.  Sushi is ALL of our favorites. My 12 year old has been eating it all her life. They are not big pork or beef eaters mostly because I cook only what I eat and usually I cook fish or chicken. (I could live off the sea!) My kids didn't grow up eating off the Children's Menu, with the predictable chicken fingers and grilled cheese, they have always ordered off the regular menu. It was/is expensive but very worth it in the long run.

So, that's me. I gotta go for now. I think there are some magazines out of place!!!!!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I don't really see the resemblance to Shirley. Enjoyed learning more about you. Have a great weekend.
Love & blessings!

new mom in law said...

NO. you don't look like her. SO THERE! Not even a little bit!

I'm with you on the magazines AND the sushi!

Frau said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I don't see the resemblance...but you have really pretty hair maybe that is it? I love your list I have some of the OCD too, glad I'm not the only one!