Jan 7, 2009


Every morning, I am dragging myself to the gym...I will be healthy in 09 even if it kills me. It isn't  easy everyday. This morning I could not get the motivation, and after Princess #3 left for school I had to sit down and "rest my eyes". But God spoke to me. He was right there at the Good Morning America studio a spoke to me via Diane Sawyer. She was asking an exercise expert, "How do we motivate ourselves to get to the gym everyday?" The answer was delivered in a very expertly way, "You won't be motivated everyday, and even on those days you just get up and go anyway. You don't wait for the motivation." Well, even though my eyes were shut, I know that he was speaking directly to me. Dang it! I gotta go. I can't ignore God. 

So while I was there, I saw some interesting things. I could not even begin to try to make these things up. 

The Lady That Spews
There was this lady on an elliptical machine. She was obviously punishing herself for doing something really bad. But she literally had sweat spewing from every pore on her body like a fountain and trickling off of her body at every angle.  The elliptical trainer was soaked and dripping, really, the machine was dripping. On the floor was a puddle you almost had to jump over. I  would have to sit in the sauna for an hour to produce that much sweat, if not longer.  I will never ever use that machine again. 

Lost Granny
This lady puts everybody who makes up excuses to shame. She is old, like great grandma old. When I first saw her walk in front on the machines I thought she was looking for someone or was lost. She had on her heavy coat and a big purse on her shoulder. But she knew exactly where she was going. She crawled on one of the treadmills and away she went, slow and steady.  Go Granny! Hey, if she can do it.... no more excuses out there!!

"No She Didn't" Girl
There is this dark room at the gym. It has cardio machines on three different levels facing a wall of TV screens. You plug your IPOD earphones into the machine and watch movies in the dark while you workout. It is nice to get away from the noise of the regular gym atmosphere. It is obviously also a place to go workout if you have something to hide. Like the  30 something girl on a treadmill sucking down a large frothy Starbucks drink in the back corner. I don't know exactly which one she was drinking but embedded in my brain is the article I read on the calorie and fat content of these drinks, even the "skinny ones". I know they have over 500 calories. I also know that after 45 minutes on the elliptical, going full out, the little light tells me that the calories burned is between 325 and 350. So lets think this through. After she does her time, enjoys her coffee and crawls off the machine the lights flashing are going to say, "You have gained weight in the last 30 minutes, so get back on!" Why would you do that?

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new mom in law said...

I just found your blog and read the whole thing. Your girls are beautiful and i love all your traditions. I am such a schedule girl...I love how you tell them what time to *report*!! Too funny! I have three too AND I live in NC. You mentioned Crabtree . If you live near that, I am about an hour from you...and 25 minutes from your #1 at UNC. I am adding you to my favorites. Can't wait to follow! Angela