Jan 24, 2009


I couldn't bare to come to my blog page because of my last post. My heart breaks just looking at the pictures. Our sweet sweet Cleo passed away and I just wrote about her being the happiest dog in our snow. My family and I are grieving. She was our furry princess, sister and best friend to our cat.  Right now I am just so sad. I  will write more about her later. On top of all of that, it is #3's birthday and we are really having to work at keeping it "happy" for her.  
Bare with me because I am going to need to write about my Cleopatra next time. She had the most beautiful soul.


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I am so sad for your family. I know how SPECIAL a pet can be in a family. Ours is the Queen of the house!!! Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family. Today is my daughter's birthday. We are off to her college to celebrate with her. Happy Birthday to your #3.

Preppy 101 said...

Oh, I am so sorry to read this. I will be thinking about you today as you deal with these conflicting emotions of sadness and celebration. Pets are special to all of us. xoxo